The Life of Jed McCaleb

Jed McCaleb was a very successful man in what he did and what he worked to have in his life.

When he noticed there was an issue with finical stability was when he became the founder of Stellar Development Foundation. When he did this he noticed there were just too many people who didn’t have the sources they needed. There was a time when he was interested in the technology that the world was creating and how the things he was making could help improve the world of which was in crisis. He created one of the largest file sharing technology that is still being used to this day and he was one of the first to use it. He was just looking for something that could help the world and he thought this was going to be the jack pot when he created it.

Stellar is looking to improve the people who participate. Stellar is something that is more efficient that any other system that is out there for other people to use and it creates open protocol payments for the people. One thing that is common to this is mining. There was so much money put into this that McCaleb wanted to find a solution to the issue that was going on with the money. He looks forward to making more progress in the step of being an investor. He’s looking to give stellar to anybody who needs it and that’s just the start of this. The average person wants money to get to where they need to go and that’s something that Stellar works on making happen. They are hoping to have a wallet that say’s something like this not that it’s just for them to make more money than the other people that are competing around them.

Jed worked hard to get where he is today and is doing things most couldn’t do.

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