The Impressive Career of Glen Wakeman

With dedication and hard work, there is not much that a business person cannot achieve. A perfect example of a well-established entrepreneur is Glen Wakeman. He is an experienced financial services executive, priding in over two decades of experience as the GE manager. The position came about because of his executive skills. He possesses an undying passion for building businesses and seeing to it that they stand. Mr. Wakeman achieves this by bettering the speed of employees (

He ensures that the five pillars of performance namely Leadership, Human Capital, Execution, Risk Management and Governance are followed to the core. He believes that with proper leadership, businesses are well prepared to face future changes. Similarly, the human capital helps the company to lay right strategies to see to it that the vision of the company is arrived at through the company’s policies. Mr. Wakeman believes that the only way through which a company can achieve its vision is through a dedicated team and if the company embraces the use of up-to-date technology.

As at the moment, Glen Wakeman is the chief executive officer and president of a Nova Four. Nova Four is known for offering relevant advice to upcoming businesses as well as giving them the so needed capital to develop. Chief executive officers of these companies are trained on how best to run their companies. Besides his advisory role, Glen Wakeman has a startup known as LaunchPadToolKit popularized as LPTK, which offers online business planning services and the use of digital marketing to see to it that companies reach out to their customers. The startup executes its mandate through a website known as SAAS.

In everything he does, Glen Wakeman ensures that he leaves a mark. During his incumbency as the chief executive of GE Money Latin America, he succeeded in making the startup become a fully operational company in over nine countries. Before he left office, the company’s revenue was at $ 2 billion, not forgetting to mention a workforce of more than 17,000 workers. All these achievements are possible because Glen Wakeman attended school. He holds an MBA from the University of Chicago.


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