The Great Victories of Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani has achieved major successes in his career and has gained fame through his real estate investment DAMAC properties. He is the founder and chairman of the firm, which entails lucrative real estate ventures. He has developed major lucrative apartments and he recently he recently had a glamorous golf venture with Donald Trump. Hussain has also established a vast number of successful companies, among them, being the ZDICO Invest. The investment company which he established in 1992 has also grown tremendously and established more of its affiliates in the broader parts of the globe.

At his UAE firm, which he founded at the beginning of his career, Hussain offered food products to the big American companies like Bechtel. Besides, he also contributed to the success of the Afghanistan war, through his provision of food and other requirements to the soldiers taking part in the latter. Additionally, he has also worked with investors form major countries from Somalia, Gulf, and Bosnia, to help Americans achieve their targets in the countries.

The DAMAC owner has not turned back and is currently working harder to get firm to its top. He is also concerned about revising the property prices in the countries that the firm launched its major investments and he has launched a major target at offering initial public shares, with has the London Stock Exchange is one of his major IPO venues.

The major successes of the DAMAC properties have been associated with Dubai`s law that allowed all foreigners to own property in the country. The establishments of the firm have received a high accreditation due to their high quality and impeccable design. A vast number of foreigners have strived to acquire property form the DAMAC Properties firm, and Hussain has put a great effort towards meeting the demands of his clients.

Hussain is an inspiration to many people, and he has strived to share business ideas with another interested individual to help them succeed in their ventures. He believes that every individual that aspires to be successful ought to have a great vision of what they want to achieve as it acts as a guide for them to work hard towards achieving it.

Learn about how Hussain’s  help the needy children:

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