The Academy of Art University & Its Mission of Art Excellence

New York Fashion Week is the very definition of the word excellence. You’ll find some of the most brilliant-minded individuals in the world that reside under this umbrella. The week-long spectacle is a fashion mecca as well as a fashion celebration. Professionals and amateurs both attend this event in hopes of getting noticed or in hopes of launching a successful career in fashion. The Academy of ArtUniversity is just one of the many higher-learning schools that participates here. This is the 21st consecutive appearance by the academy, and it didn’t hold anything back.

Some of the hottest fashion attire was on full-display for the crowd to see. Ms. J. Alexander of America’s Next Top Model was present as well as a host of other television celebrities. The Academy of Art University wowed the crowd with its five womenswear lines, and by its two menswear lines. Skylight Clarkson Square was at full-capacity and neither of the day’s fashion lines were a disappointment. Ten of the most recent BFA and MFA graduates strutted their stuff. The event actually has a wide variety of styles since most of the contestants are from all around the globe. Just think about it, all of the painstaking labor of the classes and workshops have finally paid-off. Each fashion line got a chance to display their good for an estimated 15 minutes.

The Academy of Art University was represented to the highest-degree by many of its former-student. SayaShen, Carlos Rodriguez, Dina Marie Lam and Eden Slezin displayed their lines in stunning detail.

The Academy of Art University accomplished its goal fairly well. All of the hard work from the past year has finally came into fruition, but this is what drives the strong ambition of the students. New York Fashion Week definitely lived up to the hype and this extraordinary school played a key role in its success.

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