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The Chainsmokers, Indisposed Exposed

In a plethora of different bands who play their gigs and sell their albums, by far one of the most curious is The Chainsmokers. They change their songs in such a way that the integrity of their music does not falter them but at the same time there are no distinct features that can be labeled to them as a band as well. No one quality could lump up the information to distinguish whether or not the song one is listening to is The Chainsmokers unless the individuals happen to be one of their fans in a sea of faces that make up billions on their fanbase. They have inspired many such people with their musical creations such as Sickboy, Roses, Closer, Everybody Hates Me, and Selfie. One man and fan got so inspired and moved by their songwriting that he even got a permanent tattoo on his left forearm which depicted the lyrical artistry from one of their songs called Everybody Hates Me. Yes, the work allocated by the two have gone far beyond what one would expect from an indie/hiphop/electronic/alternative band. The song Sick Boy has especially gotten loads and loads of attention due not only to the changes which occur inside of the style and general sound of their song like usual but in the words that are in the song specifically. This evolution consisted of the words and meaning behind the words that got people up and ready to cheer on the names of The Chainsmokers. In an essence they were like whistleblowers against the collective vicious cycle that infected the masses of people using social media by instilling and establishing firm narcissistic values of thinking it’s the world to be liked by thousands of people who do not know the real person they are even talking to in the first place. This creates a false identity that is then misplaced onto the person being liked and it is all just really a facade. This is what troubled The Chainsmokers about what was going on in the world today, especially since they have been there and done that with being involved into the music industry and attaining that kind of fame themselves. They speak from experience and their song Sick Boy is a firm and transparent reflection of what it is they as artists express.

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Will Alex Pall Have Another Smash Hit?

“Closer” was certainly a success for the Chainsmokers and it’s giving them fame that they’ve always wanted. They worked hard to get to this point and they continue to do everything they can to keep the crowds going. It’s not an easy thing to do but they want to make sure that people realize how hard they work and what they do to keep it up. That isn’t easy to understand but it’s why they have the crowds they do and why they are going as far as they have. People want to see what they have and what they can do. It’s taking them far and it’s changing what they are about but they feel it’s worth it.

There are plenty of people out there who listen to this music and see it for what it is. They are taking their college audience and making it everything they need it to be in order to see their music rise. There are so many people out there who like this music and what it is about. They are trying to make the party crowd the perfect target and so far they’ve hit the right mark. We only need to look forward to see what they want to do and how they’re going to change all of this.

People love what he has managed to do and what this duo is going to prepare for. There are so many people out there who want to try this for themselves but they haven’t gone as far as the duo. They aren’t out there trying to book shows and show the world what they have done. That ability to do what is needed and what will work is an important thing. That has changed what they are about and it’s bringing people into the fold that would have never thought about doing this before. They understand their crowd better than most people and that’s helping them reach a status they thought was impossible before. Now they just need to think about what they’re going to do before they finally decide on what they’ll do.