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Talos Energy was Given Access Mexico’s Closed Energy Market

Mexico’s energy market was nationalized back in 1938 and many countries were denied access into this market. This condition has lasted for nearly 80 years. As of 2017, the Mexican government is now allowing some countries to produce energy within their nation. Many energy companies are trying to get in on the act. However, Talos Energy has managed to take advantage of this opportunity.

Talos Energy is a U.S. based energy company that is headquartered in Houston, Texas. This company was established in 2012. Talos specializes in the exploration, development and production of energy products such as oil and natural gas. They primarily along the Gulf Coast and the Gulf of Mexico.

The company has seismic technology which helps to find wells and places for potential projects. Talos Energy also partners with other companies and provides them with seismic technology applications. This way, they can maximize their drilling procurement strategies and expand their ability to obtain larger quantities of energy.

Currently, Talos is involved in a partnership with Sierra Oil & Gas and Premiere Oil Plc. Sierra Oil Plc is an energy company from London, England. Sierria Oil and Gas operates from Mexico. This partnership is the first time that any outside energy company has been allowed to operate within the country since Mexico stopped all foreign fuel procurement.

There is a well called Zama-1 that is situated in the state of Tabasco. This particular well supposedly contains between 100 million and 500 million barrels of oil. Talos and their energy partners estimate that it will take 90 days to complete. Talos Energy is looking forward to this opportunity to work within Mexico’s energy market.

Each of the three companies involved within the partnership had won the rights to procure energy back in 2015. They had successfully bided on the project and won. Each energy developer is now operating overtime trying to pull the crude fuel from the well. The Zama-1 drilling project has been given good ratings by energy procurement experts. Many people within the industry expect this well to be productive and financially viable. Talos Energy is expected to work this venture until the project is complete.


Talos Energy – Great opportunity for people in developing countries

Working in oil firms abroad is one the dream jobs for many of the citizens dwelling in the developing countries. So, which company is best for you to join and earn buckets of money? A lot of people who are not the residents of America are always looking for a highly-paid job abroad. But, these people are still afraid of many things even after they find the job that they were looking for. For example, they are unable to speak English, disliking the culture and management of the system abroad. That really matters and reflects the image of the country.

Talos Energy is one of the companies in America based in various popular cities with a low to moderate cost of living. They are always hunting for job seekers to join their firm and they provide the quality lifestyle to the foreigner, without involving any complication for those who have left loved ones behind for the job. This company offers them the satisfaction that they cannot have even in their own country. They do a wonderful job to take the most useful and precious things from the Gulf states all the time. They offer every kind of job in the industry and that is one of the most amazing things about this company. The industry is wide-spread and there is always more and more room to discover different things and enhance your experience with the industry.

One can imagine that this cannot be achieved without a teamwork. In this type of job, which requires a lot of effort, teamwork has pros and cons as well. So, do not assume this job to be perfect and best among the all foreign jobs, if you are struggling to find a good job abroad. But, I would say that it is one of the most lucrative and likable jobs that you will ever find in the United States. Yes, you may become worn-out at the end of the day due to the hard-work, busy routine and pressure of working all the time. But, the salary and the satisfaction of being able to better help and provide for your family is more than worth it. I think that this minor issue should not keep you from applying for the job at this firm.

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