Rick Scott FEC’s Complaint Updated by ECU

After new evidence that was previously unreported surfaced that there was illegal collusion between the Super PAC and Rick Scott, an updated FEC complaint has been lodged against Scott. The supplemental complaint has comprehensively documented Rick Scott’s coordination with PAC. The full complaint indicates that the New Republican and the Scott campaign team have a shared address. The Super PAC gave undisclosed payments for its website to be updated. The website update would serve the purpose of serving Rick Scott before his Senate announcement. The Super PAC also conducted the polling on behalf of Rick Scott.

The Scott campaign and the Super PAC also shared the same fundraiser. The original complaint is further strengthened by the new evidence that has been presented by the supplemental complaint. The complaint shows that Rick Scott made use of New Republican to bend the finance laws that have been instituted to regulate political campaigns. Scott also used New Republican to fundraise and raise soft money that was way above the federal contribution limits that have been set by the FEC. End Citizens communications director, Adam Bozzi said that a wave of new evidence has surfaced in the past few days to supplement the evidence that had been earlier documented regarding the Scott saga.

Bozzi added that Rick Scott would go to unprecedented lengths to employ shady political campaign tricks to advance his agenda in the forthcoming mid-term elections. The communications director also said that the FEC should conduct thorough investigations on the case involving Scott with immediate effect. He said that the citizens of Florida deserve better than what Scott is offering. The new supplemental complaint also shows that the Rick Scott campaign team used an identical mailing address with New Republican. New Republican had used this mailing address to contact the FEC on a statement in February.

The state of organization mail to the FEC highlighted the close relationship between the two entities. The Super Pac and Scott’s campaign team also had the same fundraiser. The evidence also demonstrates that Rick Scott continued to hold regular meetings with New Republican and raise campaign funds through the Super PAC until March of 2018. The original complaint documented by End Citizens United gave comprehensive details of how the Florida Senate candidate was running around the US election laws. Rick Scott recruited some of his former campaign staff to New Republican. The staff included the Melissa stone which served his 2014 campaign manager and chief of staff.

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