Omar Yunes – Clear Winner at Best Franchisee of the World Competition

People these days have become very choosy when it comes to food. It has become more so when it comes to eating out as there are endless choices available today. No matter where you are located, you would find hundreds of restaurants of all sizes, serving many different types of cuisines. Such a trend has spread across the globe, making the food industry highly competitive. Starting and running a restaurant successfully may look easy on the outset, but is not in reality. Ask Omar Yunes, winner of the Best Franchisee of the World Competition, about how he has become successful in the food industry of Mexico, and you would get an answer that can define the roadmap to success in the food business.


Omar Yunes owns 13 franchise units in Mexico of Sushi Itto, a Japanese fast food brand, which has a total of over 150 fast food restaurants worldwide. Omar Yunes started in the food business when he was just 21 and opened his first Sushi Itto joint in Mexico City. At first, Omar Yunes came across many hardships, but he went through all of it and his business and marketing initiatives, managed to make his restaurant in Mexico City successful. It is what marked the beginning of his long journey, and he continued to open other Sushi Itto franchise units across Mexico, in Puebla, Veracruz, and Mexico City. One of the reasons why Omar Yunes managed to run his business successfully was that he never changed his attitude and passion towards his business. It is commonly seen that people get complacent as they taste fruits of success, but it is not the same with Omar Yunes.


In the year 2015, Best Franchisee of the World Competition was held in Florence, Italy, and Omar Yunes won it due to the enormous success his 13 franchise units have achieved through the year. Omar Yunes gave the credit for winning the BFW Competition to his employees and said that it wouldn’t be possible to win such a highly prestigious competition without the efforts that his employees put in day and night.

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