Omar Yunes and his Business Accomplishments at Sushi Itto

Mr. Omar Yunes became quite popular after he won the award of Best Franchisee in the World for the years of 2016.

Mr. Omar Yunes is an investor who has been representing the Japanese food chain of Sushi Itto for quite a few years. Last year Mr. Omar Yunes was recognized for his high performance in his line of work by One Planet Awards. He received the title and the gold for Best Franchisee of the Year. Mr. Omar Yunes was one of the hundreds of applicants for the competition. There were a number of criteria the judges used to evaluate each of the candidates. The main factor in choosing the winner is the impact that they have had on the industry they work in and not only on the particular business that they are a part of. There are other criteria as well such as how conscientious they have been with money, how resourceful they have been, what kind of approach they have had to their teams and so on.

So far, Mr. Omar Yunes has become the owner of thirteen locations of Sushi Itto. Currently, that makes 10 percent of all of the places that the Japanese food chain has. Mr. Omar Yunes started his career at Sushi Itto many years ago. He was at the age of 21 when he first became a part of the company. Since then Mr. Omar Yunes has come a long way in his career as an investor and leader. Up to date, Mr. Omar Yunes manages a number of large teams. The employees that he is managing amount to four hundred, but that number is expanding steadily. Up to date, Mr. Omar Yunes manages location in Veracruz, Mexico City, and Puebla.

There are a number of factors that made Mr. Omar Yunes be the choice of the jury. Mr. Omar Yunes has been very active in his line of work over the years especially in 2016. His employees have been praising him for his leadership skills and how motivating and inspiring he has been over the course of the many years of leadership at Sushi Itto.

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