Nick Vertucci Is Changing People’s Lives Everyday At His Real Estate Academy

Nick Vertucci is the dynamic founder and CEO of The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy (NVREA). He founded the academy in 2013 and has been helping students from all over the United States to realize and accomplish their real estate investing goals. The academy relies on a specific system that Nick teaches and this includes the “Get In” phase, which teaches people to buy low so they can sell high later, the “Get Out” phase, which explains how people need to rehab or fix up their real estate property so it can be sold, and the “Get Paid” phase, which covers the making money part of the whole system.



The Past Is Called The Past For A Reason


Nick operates on the belief that the past does not dictate people’s future. This is an important cornerstone of his teaching, because Nick feels that a lot of people’s failure to succeed stems from the fact that they are holding on to the disappointments of their past. Nick knows that holding on to this negative energy only fosters a poverty mentality and that people will literally self-sabotage their own efforts because of their negative beliefs. Nick, himself, once had to resort to living in his van during a rough stretch in his life, but he worked his way out of it and loves to help other people overcome their own inner demons on their road to success and wealth.



Nick Vertucci Gives People The Know-How


Nick doesn’t believe in only building up people from the inside out by helping them to find the confidence to push through their self doubts. On top of this, he also gives people all of the tools and information they need to know for how to actually get out in the real world and become profitable in the real estate business. While some real estate courses offer scant information along with an overload of mottoes and well wishes, The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy gets into the nuts and bolts of the real estate world. Nick put together the academy this way, because he knows that people need solid advice about the specifics of what to do.



A Bit More About Nick Vertucci


Nick grew up in a loving family but lost his father at the young age of ten. After this, his mother would work long hours to provide for his family, and this gave Nick the motivation to work so hard throughout the rest of his life. Eventually Nick became a millionaire and then decided to help others accomplish the same.

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