Meet the Leader in the Transport Industry; Perry Mandera.

Perry Mandera a CEO, and also a US marine reserve, despite being a leader in the transport sector, Perry is also committed to participating in the community activities and is also the founder of custom care charities.

Perry’s steps in the transportation sector.

At just 23 years old, Perry had already worked for several transport businesses, after a few years of experience Perry decided to start his own business in 1980, this business, however, did not last for long as he sold it after five years. After the sale Perry joined politics and became a committeeman for the Republican party in Chicago, during his service, Perry was the youngest person to hold to serve in that position.

In 1986, Perry founded Custom Companies Inc; its central headquarters are in Illinois. The company is all round as it helps both small and large businesses. The company offers different transport services both locally and internationally and with Perry’s giving nature, he provided employment for almost a hundred people and this has helped raise their living standards.

Perry Mandera has received recognition as a leader in the transport industry and was featured in the top hundred American transport executives held by the Illinois transportation association.

Perry Mandera’s charitable acts.

Perry is passionate about charities, in 2013 after the tornado Mandera and his company offered free transport to the affected persons, he also provided supplies for the affected families. During the hurricane outside Illinois, his company also provided trucks that delivered food and other supplies to the affected people.

Apart from catastrophe relief programs, Perry is also responsible for establishing custom care charities; this organization helps less fortunate families and youths in Chicago, during the festive season Perry’s organization supports these families.

Perry has also managed and funded boxers, he maintains an active life and has coached youths and players in basketball, football, and baseball.

But besides transport and charity works, Perry is a family man who enjoys spending time with his family; he is a father of two and happily married man since 1989. Perry also enjoys organizing church gatherings and plays a significant part in his community.



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