Lime Crime Vegan Makeup Line

Unicorn makeup lovers are very familiar with Lime Crime Cosmetics. The company is one of the first makeup companies to go completely vegan. Doe Deere is the CEO and Founder of the company. The pastel haired leader of one of the most innovative cosmetic lines is also on a mission to change the way that people view makeup and purchase makeup too. The idea to go completely vegan with the makeup line was an easy choice for the CEO. The self titled Unicorn Queen is a friend to our little furry animals and made sure that all her makeup line was vegan.

What Is Vegan Certified

Certainly, all of Lime Crimes makeup line is vegan certified or certified vegan. What exactly is vegan certified? Vegan certified is proof to the customer that the product that they purchase does not contain any animal ingredients. Vegan certified is also proof that the product is not tested on animals. Furthermore, Lime Crimes line is certified vegan and cruelty free by PETA & Leap Bunny.

New Vega Products

Lime Crime is all about keeping it real and relevant for their little unicorn followers. Therefore, they are always keeping it real by bringing new completely vegan products to their product line that will inspire their followers while setting new trends in the makeup world. Lime Crime and their followers have totally changed the way that people think about makeup and wear makeup. Clearly, they’ve shaken up the makeup world in a positive way. Here are the new vegan products added to the Lime Crime line of products.

  • Unicorn Hair Tints – Conditioning, coloring, pastel formulas for the unicorn followers to embrace and enjoy
  • Unicorn Full Hair Coverage – Vibrant, bold darker shades provide full coverage¬† A New Slogan

The company embraces a new slogan that many followers of the makeup line share. It’s not about the makeup that you wear, it’s all about the way that you wear the makeup. Certainly, this is just another way to say that the makeup line is a way to support your creative nature and express your imagination.

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