Lime Crime Makes Fantasy Possible With New Unicorn Dye

There are some awesome new options in hair dye these days. Gone are the times when you had to stick to one color, and there are so many possibilities now that the sky’s the limit. One of the coolest new products available on the market is unicorn dye. If you’ve always wanted to dye your hair every color of the rainbow, now’s your chance. If you’ve always loved unicorns, these pretty pastels will be right up your alley. Lime Crime is the company that started it all. In as far as ‘unicorn innovation’ is a thing, this company is the forerunner of the trend with its entire line of products billed as ‘makeup for unicorns’.

People everywhere have fallen in love with unicorns. The new obsession with fantasy creatures and characters is everywhere in the media. Many well-loved television shows and films center around the supernatural and fantastic. A wave of nostalgia for the past has also spurred these new looks as people fondly remember the fantasy films of their childhoods. This has combined to create fresh and beautiful innovations in the fashion world. Lime Crime answered the call and its line of unicorn products has proved very popular with people of all ages. If you’ve always dreamed of being a fantasy creature yourself, or at least looking like one, here’s your chance.

The company’s new unicorn hair dye is semi-permanent and available in a vast array of colors with quirky names like ‘salad’ and ‘dirty mermaid’. They are sourced from vegan ingredients. Broke but hopeful unicorns will be pleased to know that the dye is an affordable $16. These vibrant and fun dyes are a great way to change your look without commitment. They will fade after 10-12 washes. If you are looking to add something to your costume for a party or just want to try something new and funky for the summer, Lime Crime’s new unicorn dyes are a wonderful chance to let out the fantasy creature in you.

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