Jim Toner: 7 Keys to Wealth and Success

Jim Toner is an entrepreneur and real estate investor with 25 years of experience. Mr. Toner tells of his experiences in an interview he had recently. What is notable about the character of entrepreneurs and real estate investors in general is their resilience. Mr. Toner, like many other entrepreneurs and people in real estate, has had some upsets, going from broke to wealthy in a short amount of time, but he always perseveres in spite of setbacks. Now after having much success in his field, Jim Toner shares with us how to become successful with some tips.

Mr. Toner has given us 7 tips he believe will help others be as successful as he. These tips include your attitude, your team, working on yourself, working for yourself, be hard on yourself, become good at time management, and finally, set goals and believe in yourself.

Jim Toner tells us that one of the most important qualities a person can have is a healthy attitude. Having skill, connections or knowledge isn’t much if a good attitude is not accompanied with these other qualities to aid in your growth. There will be obstacles, but the size of the obstacle on the attitude.

Who you surround yourself with is also very important. Who you allow around you is who you will become. According to sendinthewolves.com, no matter how good an individual may be, a team of competent players is a necessity. Putting all the decisions on a single person is out of the question, and leaders need to be able to delegate to a trustworthy team of specialists.

Mr. Toner also points out the importance of a healthy mind and body. In order for him to become more successful, Jim needed to work on himself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, and encourages everyone else to do the same. He also stresses the importance of laughter being healthy for us. Mr. Toner believes reading played a part in his success, and says reading about other people who have become successful and wealthy should be a pre-requisite to riches.

For Jim Toner, one key is independence. He believes people working for other people should seek to step out on their own as soon possible. Jim says this is because you can’t get rich working for others as an employee, giving up financial control. Becoming independent can be very rewarding. Jim says taking risks is like a muscle that needs to be exercised, and the more frequently it’s exercised, the better.

Jim Toner says we need to be honest with ourselves with what is happening in our personal and financial worlds. We need to always persevere and put our best foot forward, no matter the level of difficulty of the situation we find ourselves in. How we respond to the situation is one of the keys to our success. Mr. Toner says we need to hold ourselves accountable for what we do, striving forward, and one day we will get to where we want to be.

Jim Toner tells us time management is important as an entrepreneur. There are always conflicting appointments, meetings, deadlines and projects to deal with, but prioritization is key. Decide which tasks come first and plan the schedule for the day ahead of time. Get up early in the morning and get the day started right. Starting the day right sets the tone for the rest of the day to go right and be more productive.

You’ll never get to where you want to be if you never make the decision of where you want to go. Jim Toner tell us that setting goals for ourselves is of high importance, as well as writing out these goals. Dream big and believe that you will achieve them. Setting goals is pointless if you don’t believe you can achieve them. As Jim Toner says: “You can learn all the success techniques, go to all the seminars, take the coaching program, and participate in everything else that’s available, but if you do not BELIEVE success is possible you will fail.”

One of the most valuable things Jim Toner tell us, is that there are no shortcuts to success. Becoming successful and wealthy takes determination and perseverance. These are the foundational keys for any successful business. Determination and perseverance, as well as setting goals you believe you will achieve. Jim Toner has had 25 years of troubles and successes in the real estate sector, learning much along the way. Now he has passed on what he believes to be the keys to success and financial freedom to us. Follow Jim on Facebook.

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