Jason Hope; Making the World a Brighter Place

Currently people use smart technology as a convenient tool in their lives, but Jason Hope believes that in a few years, smart technology or ‘Internet of Things’ will become a much more common feature in everyday life. Corporations need the latest technology to keep their cutting edge in the business world and to lure clients, but what about devices that allows us to automatically make coffee as soon as the alarm goes off, because the technology is connected? Imagine not having to worry about not leaving the lights on, as you can check your device to shut the lights off? Jason Hope thinks that this ability to connect will happen very soon, eliminating a lot of waste and making lives safer.

Jason Hope attended Arizona State University and earned his BS in Finance, and later at the W.P. Carey School of Business, ASU, got his MBA in Business. Since then Jason has been busy with several enterprising paths in industries that maximizes computer information systems and technology. Located in Scottsdale, Arizona, Jason is an entrepreneur, futurist, philanthropist, and investor. He has a committed interest in local politics in Arizona and nationally as it pertains to business and Jason on Facebook.

He also has an interest in helping other young investors realize their dreams, as his site, Jason’s Hope is a grant program. High school seniors and college students are invited to submit a solid idea and technology plans, which Jason looks at personally. If he likes a plan, students can receive anywhere from $500 to $5000 to make solid technological ideas get off the ground. While Jason is all about the technology when it comes to business and giving back by helping others, there is another part of Jason’s Hope which is philanthropy and learn more about Jason.

The one organization that stands out is the SENS Foundation. SENS is focused on taking a different approach when it comes to aging. They are driven to find the cure for diseases like heart and lung diseases, and Alzheimer’s. Traditional medicine treats diseases like these once they occur, while SENS focuses on trying to make these diseases never occur in the first place. Jason Hope is looking towards the future in various ways; technological, future investments, investing in young entrepreneurs, and supporting research to rid the world of diseases and aging. The future looks very bright indeed and read full article.

Other Reference: https://angel.co/jason-hope

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