Jason Hope- A believer in the Internet of Things

Jason hope is believer in the internet of things. The internet of things is a technology that will have all the devices of the future interconnected on the same network and be able to share information with each other. Jason Hope has established his name in the industry for being commentator in tech innovations trends that are happening and those that are likely to happen in the future. Using his blog Tech.Co, Jason Hope writes exclusively on the internet of Things terming it as the biggest thing that will happen in the tech world in the future. It will be the greatest wave of innovation to ever hit the tech industry. Those who follow his articles refer him to an authority on the direction technological trends are heading, and his Linkedin.

Internet of things is a technology that will make it possible for multiple devices to interconnect and share data among themselves. In other word known as sync data. The devices we are talking about could be anything from the kitchen appliances to the street lights and even to electronics devices in our homes. When devices share data, they will be able to add efficiency in implementing tasks while at the same time minimize wastages. Jason Hope insists that, Internet of Things could be the biggest technological advancement ever. He adds that the business environment is likely to change once IoT kicks in. It will create new ways of doing business. In coming years, people should brace themselves for great changes.

The wave of Internet of Things can be equated to the emergence of cryptocurrencies. There has been a loT of controversy regarding the use of digital currencies as an alternative to the traditional money however, many people still think or thought that it is an impossibility. Currently the most popular digital currency known as bitcoin is causing waves in the financial markets. Its value has grown so huge that investors are regretting not taking advantage when it was still worth less.

The same thing is likely to happen with the Internet of Things. People are doubting its applicability but Jason Hope sees it happening.

About Jason Hope

Jason Hope ids a futurist. His job is to make predictions on the technological advancements that are likely to happen in the future. He also deals with predictions on how the economy will be affected by these technological advancements. Jason Hope resides in Arizona, where he was born. He holds a master in business administration from the W.P Carey School of business, Arizona state university. He is known for being a philanthropist and a mentor, and more information click here.

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