James Dondero is a Successful Investor in Communities

James Dondero has an extensive range of investing knowledge and a deep level of experience as well. His career has reached a rarefied height of success and he’s striving for more. His success means the success of clients and the opportunity to charitably invest in local areas. Highland Capital Management has significant programs that help communities thrive with various means of contribution.
The donations made by James Dondero have totaled in the millions. He has committed to helping the Dallas-Fort Worth area with a growing list of partnerships and donations. He has provided a generous donation to the anti-violence group called The Family Place. The Dallas Zoo has also benefited from his largess in conjunction with their popular Hippo Exhibit. Another fine example, this time involving education, is his involvement with the Education is Freedom organization. They help at-risk youth get on a better path and assist them financially so they can attend college. These are just a few examples of his devotion to community.
The career of James Dondero began in 1984 when he was accepted into the Morgan Guaranty training program. He also graduated from the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce where he received a BS in Commerce with two majors, Accounting and Finance. He was highly honored in the process and began his career with a solid foundation.
He served with American Express as a corporate bond analyst and eventually managed a substantial portfolio. Beginning in 1985, his work at American Express ran until 1989.
His main claim to fame is with Highland Capital Management. He is the co-founder and currently serves as their President. With his leadership sparking the way, Highland offers award winning products and engages with institutional and retail customers. They have nearly $15 billion under management and that’s an indication of their success and abilities.
Dondero has extensive portfolio management experience and it covers a tremendous range of products. Mortgage-backed securities, investment grade corporates, leveraged bank loans, high-yield bonds, and real estate are just a few examples of his previous duties. His three decades of investing experience have allowed him to become a generous philanthropist.

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