Insights Gained For Vijay Eswaran

With Vijay Eswaran’s success in his career, it is natural for people to be curious about his mindset. There are a lot of pieces of wisdom that Vijay can share with people that can actually be life changing. One of the reasons they could be life changing is that they have changed Vijay’s life. It has given him some new perspective on what can be achieved in life. One of the easiest ways for people to achieve their goals is to actually learn more about their goals and the activities towards it. It can take a while of soul searching and research for people to have their breakthrough.

One piece of insight that Vijay Eswaran has gained came from a monk who has talked to him about living two minutes from the Abyss. One of the reasons that the monk has meditated close to a cliff was so that he can learn to appreciate life. This has definitely brought a lot of appreciation of life to Vijay. When people see that they are about to lose something, they often think about all that it has meant to them and their lives. This can give them the fuel to fight harder for that which they can lose.

Other things that Vijay has gained understanding about are stages of change and the importance of a servant mindset when it comes to leadership and business. When running a business, the best mindset to have is that of giving to others. While the business aspect of it is an agreement of exchange. Therefore, the person names the price and the person agrees to the price. Then he pays the price in order to receive the item. The type of business that Vijay Eswaran runs is the type of business that seeks to improve the lives of customers throughout the world.

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