How Jason Hope supports Arizona in Technology development

The first growing biotech industry in Arizona has made the country to collaborate with high ranked Industries in technology development. These companies include the IT technology and IOT (Internet of Things) developers, and this has made Arizona attract many startups and job opportunities despite the fact that it was recently hit by economic crisis. Among the supporters of this initiative is Jason Hope who is healthcare technology investor, philanthropist, futurist, and entrepreneur. The strategies and development policies that the Arizona government has been applying has been working well with Jason Hope’s line of doing things both politically and technologically because he is a keen player in bringing technology to the state. His primary objective is to support startups and new entrepreneurs through supporting educational programs.

Jason Hope is also a supporter of charitable organizations that mostly deal in curing disease. Additionally, he is a critical player in innovating new ideas and supporting agencies that embrace his political opinions. Because of the challenges that are involved in nurturing new plans to become successful businesses, Hope supports interested students and business owners through guidance, financing, and grants. His primary focus today is to invest mostly in startups, biotechnology companies and other new companies which are promising as far as technology industry is concerned. His first company is called Jawa which has partnered with other technology companies in the mobile industry. He also has interests in search engine optimization, marketing, and business information and has been generating a lot of income in that area too. Jason Hope believes that the internet of thing will be the greatest technological improvement in the future. IoT presents an opportunity for mankind to have a better life, and resume him.

Hope supports many humanitarian organizations especially those that apply biotechnology efforts in curing diseases in Arizona. One of such organizations is SENS Foundation which utilizes technology to offer treatment and slow down or reverse aging. He is a strong supporter of the Internet of Things mainly through the development of desktop software, mobile Apps, gaming software and internet connected gadgets that he believes are enjoyable and will improve human conditions. Others include kitchen appliances, street lights, thermostat controls and electronic devices. He believes that in a world where there is technology, life is always comfortable and enjoyable. Jason Hope is a graduate of W.P. Carey School of Business where he attained an MBA in business and a degree in finance from Arizona State University, and more information click here.

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