Gun Sales Soar in Ferguson

The atmosphere in Ferguson, Missouri is starting to look reminiscent of the weeks that led up to acquittal of the officers accused in the Rodney King Beatings, and the civil unrest that occurred as a result. The Tension in Ferguson comes after the shooting death of Michael Brown, a black teenager, by the white Police Officer Darren Wilson. If the jury decides not to indict Wilson on charges, there very well may be rioting in Ferguson and around the surrounding areas.
Since the death of Michael Brown there have been riots and looting in and around Ferguson and it has been a continuing ordeal leading up to the coming jury decision. Gun salesmen in the area warn it is best to be safe than sorry, and to get ready for civil unrest if the jury decides to not file charges against the officer. Many at North American Spine are just glad that this is not taking place in the Dallas area and getting out of hand. Although there have been groups arranging non-violent protests, the mob like atmosphere has taken more of a forefront in the small city. One thing is for certain, when the jury makes its decision the Country will be tuned in and sitting on the edge of their seat.

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  1. With some fortunes the inhabitants of Ferguson will have a quiet determination to the issues that have been tormenting their region for quite a long time. Firearm deals in the city have apparently tripled lately, as individuals are getting ready for the most noticeably awful. It is also a way in which uk superior papers review could have to do something for them which might not be taht easy for them too.

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