Glen Wakeman – Multi-faceted Entrepreneur

It is possible for one man to don many hats in one lifetime. Glen Wakeman is ample example of this as he effortlessly sails through his many roles as writer, adviser, businessperson, and author.

Glen Wakeman is probably the propelling force behind the success of several companies. He is currently the Chief Executive officer of the LaunchPad Holdings company four the past four years. LaunchPad Holdings was created by Glen Wakeman to help launch new start-ups with its innovative software.

Glen Wakeman received his education from the universities of Scranton and Chicago. He joined General Electric Capital and gained considerable expertise in finances during his 20-year long term there. He has served in GE Capital in various managerial capacities, such as General Director, Chief Operations Officer and Director of Business Development. Glen Wakeman traveled to different countries as part of his work at GE Capital, including South America, Asia, and Europe. One of his greatest success stories while at GE Capital was the initiation of Nova Four. It is a firm that helps new companies with investment and mentoring on how to stay afloat in a competitive business world.


The Career

Glen Wakeman has a successful five-pronged approach to gauge a firm’s overall competence. The first step involves leadership programs that encourage smooth progress as the company evolves. Next, Glen Wakeman provides advice about a company’s vision and its implementation simply and enthusiastically. This drives transformation in an organization. He also advocates redesigning a firm’s structure and motivating employees to embrace this new system with minimal opposition. Glen Wakeman successfully handles his several avatars and manages to balance these perfectly. And this is the quality that makes him stand out in the world of business.



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