George Soros In The List Of Philanthropists Being Fought By The Right-Wing Conservatives

Over the past several years, there have been individuals especially from the conservative school of thought who have been peddling numerous conspiracy theories about philanthropists particularly the ones that don’t share their views about how the world should operate. One of the philanthropists who has been taking the heat from the right wing conspiracy theorist for a number of years now is Mr. George Soros. This is because Mr. Soros has been in the forefront in supporting groups and not for profit organizations that are pushing for progressive social change within the United States and all around the world. Mr. Soros’ hand can also be seen in several reformist movements both in the United States and in several jurisdictions globally.

However, the conservative conspiracy theorist has accused Mr. Soros of bankrolling almost any large-scale agitation for positive social change begging the question how he manages all these. Some of the most well-known movements Mr. Soros has been alleged to have sponsored are the Antifa movement, the Women’s March, Colin Kaepernick’s National Football League protests, and the Black Lives Matter movement. The right-wing conspiracy theorist do not just stop at that, they have also claimed that Mr. Soros has personal vendettas against some of the high ranking members of the conservative community and has sought to bring them down by paying people to taint their name and hence bring them down a good example being that of Alabama candidate for Senator Mr. Roy Moore. The same characters also went ahead to claim that Mr. Soros had a hand in the job loss of staff members who subscribe to the conservative ideologies in the office of National Security Adviser to President Donald trump Mr. Herbart Raymond McMaster.

This is not to say that Mr. Soros is new to controversy, on the contrary, most of his life has always been informed by one controversy after another. For instance, in the year 1992, Mr. George Soros was the talk of the town world over and also broke the media outlets for causing a stir in the forex exchange market in which he made a series of trades against the British pound and as a result making over $1 billion. Although, his grumble with politicians especially from the Republican side of the political divide came to the fore in the early 2000s when reports came out that he was now one of the highest funders of democratic party. Case in point, when the former United States President Mr. George W Bush was seeking re-election, Mr. Soros declared that he was ready to put all his riches on the line as long as Mr. Bush is not reelected.

The latest announcement of Mr. George Soros donating over $18 billion to a charity organization got most of his adversaries by surprise. As a result, they declared war on what has been widely viewed as against philanthropy itself while at the same time claiming that democracy will lose its meaning while leaving policy change to be affected by the philanthropists with the deepest pockets.

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