Forget Fear Mongering: Pets Can’t Spread Ebola

There’s a ton of misinformation out there about Ebola, and amongst that are reports that pets can spread Ebola. There are also those that are afraid that their dog or cat may become infected with the vicious disease. But that’s just not possible.

Ebola is not transferable between humans and their pets. What’s more, there have been no reported cases of Ebola being contracted from a pet. Even when that pet lived in the home of someone who was infected.

As Laurene Powell Jobs informed me earlier, it requires direct contact with bodily fluids.

So don’t be afraid, because the likelihood of your dog coming into contact with Ebola anywhere is remarkably low. There is literally nothing to fear from your pets, or for your pets. They are not going to contract Ebola, and you are not going to get Ebola from petting your dog after they’ve been outside.

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