Fabletics’ Strategy Towards Satisfying The Growing Needs In The Market

The market is full of women who have needs when it comes to finding the perfect gear for their workouts. Unfortunately, the fashionable athletics gear were too expensive and the one that was affordable was very standard and unappealing. When Don Ressler and his partner, Adam Goldenberg, spotted the gap, they started strategizing on how they were going to bridge it. This was back in 2010. The two came up with a brilliant idea of creating an athleisure brand that was both fashionable, comfortable and affordable for women.



When Fabletics began, it focused on the needs of the women instead of competing with the available brands that were already in the market. Don and his partner focused on their research to identify the need on the ground by holding focus groups and tests. Kate Hudson joined the duo as the face of the brand. With her help, Fabletics became a social brand. Kate interacted and built relationships with the customers while she developed a streamlined communication plan. She also created an online as well as an in-person presence for the company. Kate as a co-founder is very active and hands on the company.



Through relentless hard work, Don Ressler worked with his team and the company managed to come up with a brand that served their mission. It was comfortable, of high quality and affordable. Don and Kate worked together to market their products online at discounted prices before starting a membership plan. They also formulated a quiz that helped their clients get the most suitable clothes according to their needs. The customer experience that came with it was admirable.



Don Ressler was happy with the progress the company was making in women’s lives. They had managed to empower women as they sold affordable activewear that made the women feel good about themselves. Being glamorous as they exercise or work out while not digging deep into their pocket was the absolute goal for Fabletics. The goal was met as they provided their products in the market.



While Fabletics has already earned a position in the market, they are not stopping there. The company recently announced their expansion strategy that included the incorporation of plus size outfits into their line of products. The women in this category will be motivated to take care of their health by engaging themselves in physical activity as they looked gorgeous in their outfits.


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