Fabletics Gives Customers Bountiful Option

Fabletics is an online website for women that are interested in buying athletic clothing. There are also a handful of stores that have lured customers as well. Overall, people are more familiar with the Fabletics website then they are with the stores because there are only about a dozen throughout the United States. For the website that offers thousands of different garments it is easy for customers to shop regardless of their geographical location.


Hudson know that the websites is a great thing for a building her brand. She’s well aware that the website is a catalyst for building her brand, but she also realizes that more stores are needed. What she is engaging in right now is reverse showrooming. This it is a practice that has allowed her to get people excited about this brand of clothes that are offered and go to a physical store to make purchases.


She knows that more women are going to go out to stores if there’s one in their neighborhood. She also realizes that the sales people within the store can promote the subscription services that Fabletics offers. Both of these concepts can bring forth a lot more revenue for Fabletics, and that is the direction that Kate is headed in with this company. The data has already been gathered, and people are realizing that there is a lot of interest in what this athletic brand brings to the market.


It is the type of company that has managed to gain a lot of customers that want clothes that are different from what they have seen in other department stores. A lot of people that go to the website may see the style quiz that leads them to the VIP membership in subscription services, but many people may bypass this without reading it. They may not realize the benefits that can be gained from getting automatic shipments of athletic clothes each month. That is another reason why the storefront is so important for the brand. It allows salespeople to provide direct information on this membership when they are talking to customers. The sales person is the one that can lead more customers to sign up for subscription services. That is why this is a very important part of the brand awareness that Kate Hudson is trying to build for this brand. Fabletics is the company that gives ladies access to bountiful options.

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