Dog Saves Three Lives

Two men and a baby were given a second chance at life when a dog saved them from a burning house.

Albert Sumner and his family composed of his elderly uncle, his sister, her one-year-old son and her dog Duke, were in their Pinaymootang First Nation house when it caught on fire on the night of April 22, 2015.

Sumner woke up to a lot of barking and scratching on his door. He reluctantly got up to check what the noise was all about. That was when he found out that their house was on fire.

His immediate reaction is to jump to rescue the one-year old boy and his deaf 79-year old uncle. All the residents of the house were saved from the fire, but unfortunately, the whole house and all their belongings were completely gutted.

Folks at Anastasia Date ( understand that if Duke did not make noise to wake them up, their lives would have been put in a lot of danger and hazard. Duke’s noise protected them from all that.

As a reward for Duke’s good work, he will be served with a steak dinner by his owner Doreen Sumner, and he will get much more love and affection from the family as well.

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