Does Wen by Chaz work?

Women around the country are turning to Wen by Chaz ( to give their hair volume and shine. This wonderful conditioner was specially developed to give women the hair they deserve. The conditioner makes some impressive claims in their advertising, but many women remain incredibly skeptical.
Women have heard the promises that Wen by Chaz Dean makes many times before. Many conditioners promise to make you feel more comfortable and keep your hair in top notch shape, yet most of these conditioners fall short. Women need confirmation that the conditioner will work, and media outlets are happy to oblige. Recently, Bustle decided to see if Wen truly works.

Bustle is one of the most popular internet media outlets. Each morning, thousands of people log onto Bustle and see what is going on in their world. Bustle is especially popular with young women, and they regularly cover health and beauty topics. Emily McClure is one of their top reporters.

Emily McClure has struggled with skinny and greasy hair her entire life. While most days it looks okay, she is always insecure about the hair. She had tried several beauty products, but none had helped. She was skeptical of Wen’s claims, but she was ready to try it out.

Emily decided to use the sephora fig version of cleansing conditioner for one week. The first day she washed her hair and used Wen, and she was shocked by the results. Her hair had more volume, and it had more shine. She thought the first day was just a fluke, but the results kept going for days to come. By the end of the week she looked great, and her confidence had reached a peak.

Wen by Chaz is an amazing product and it makes amazing claims, but the claims really do hold up. Bustle has proven these claims to be accurate.

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