David McDonald- Shaking the Food Industry with His Success

David McDonald has worked in OSI group for over 30 years, and he started as project manager rising due to his integrity and hard work. He was born and grew on Iowa farms and developed an interest in the agriculture industry after working on the farm for years. With the help of his parents, David attended good school joining Iowa State University and graduating with Animal Science bachelor degree.

After graduating, he joined OSI industries in Chicago in 1991, and within 30 years, David McDonald has overcome all the barriers becoming the OSI Group chief executive officer and president. His outstanding and exceptional leadership and achievements over the years have earned him Wallace E. Barron which is an Outstanding Senior Award. Today David McDonald is the most respected person in the world of food service industry globally.

Under the leadership of David McDonald, OSI Group has become premier of global food provider making tremendous strides delivering top services and products to their customers. According to David, he works hard to ensure he has a robust logistic team that keeps up with the continually evolving food industry in the international market. David McDonald states that keeping OSI Group flowing smoothly, there is need to have close contact with the local marketers to ensure they meet the needs of customers without hassle.

Throughout the tenure of David McDonald, he has acquired various companies globally that deal with food products. The company has established different facilities with the most significant ten located in China and handling poultry. OSI Group recently bought the Baho Food, and according to David McDonald, the move will give the company better and active presence in the European region. David praised the acquisition of Baho Food as a significant investment with the capability of complimenting the existing products of OSI group increasing and satisfying the demand of clients.

David McDonald states that over the three decades he has worked with OSI Group the company has enjoyed tremendous growth. It has also experienced strategic and dynamic partnership making them profitable in every country they set business.

David McDonald also acts the board of directors and the North American Meat association chairman, and he boasts of being South Africa Marfrig Global Foods independent director. Since 2008 David became the Australia OSI International Limited director and also Lowa State University, distinguished corporate leader. David McDonald believes that providing more services and products to their clients is tied to production capacity and even product development.

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