David McDonald And OSI Are Thriving In Australia

Since 1909 many companies around the world have trusted OSI Group to deliver quality food products for them to prepare and serve to their customers. And for over 30 years, David McDonald has been overseeing its operations and producing top quality results.

Born (1964) and raised on a farm in Northwest Iowa, David McDonald persued a degree in Animal Science from Iowa State University and eventually received his Bachelor of Science in 1987. Almost immediately after graduating he went to work as Project Manager for OSI Group. 30 years later, he is now the President and Chief Operations Officer of the company as well as serving on the Board of Directors for OSI Group and many of its subsidiary companies. In addition to all of that listed previously, in January of 2015 David McDonald was appointed to the position of Chairman of the North American Meat Institute, the first to hold that position. OSI Group releases sustainability report.

Earlier this year (May 7), OSI Group’s Australian operations officially merged with Turi Foods. This merger will allow for smoother day-to-day operations as they deliver much needed food products to supermarkets, fast-food restaurants, local butcher shops and other restaurants in the State of Victoria, Australia. COO and President David McDonald believe that their impeccable reputation and the strong bonds that OSI Group and Turi Foods have formed with their customers will only grow stronger with this merger. The potential to bring quality and effective food solutions has grown even greater and both companies look forward to bringing innovative problem solving to valued customers. Both companies operations will continue to run as they are currently as they find new and more efficient ways to bring quality food solutions to the State of Victoria.

Under the leadership of David McDonald, the already well-oiled food service machine of OSI Group and Turi Foods will only get better. He is no stranger to international operations as he has overseen production and problem solving supplying the food service industries in the Asia Pacific region for decades now. This marks a great day in the history of OSI Group and all employees of this company should hold their heads high for the great things they have accomplished!!!

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