David Giertz Details the Best Retirement Plans

Life after retirement can be very complicated if one fails to plan wisely. People tend to get into early retirement without essential basics needed to go through it well. A large percentage of people get into retirement without planning and end up failing terribly. Planning for retirement is a way of avoiding finding yourself in a catastrophe. David Giertz, a great financial advisor, gives tips on how to secure a financially stable retirement.

Saving for Early Retirement

Saving for early retirement is never an easy job no matter how big the monthly payment is. This is because estimating how much money one requires for retirement is never easy. You should have sufficient money to last you through the whole retirement period because you will be spending less than you will be earning. To save enough money you should consider other sources of income.

The Best Retirement Plan

Once you realize how much money you will need for retirement, you need to find a flexible retirement plan. Retirement accounts charge at least ten percent penalties for any advanced withdrawals. If one is certain about early retirement, a Roth IRA is the place to begin. Unfortunately, a Roth is available for people earning $118 000 and below annually.

David Giertz

David Luther Giertz is financial advisor serving at Nationwide Investment Services Corporation. The firm is located in Dublin, Ohio. Giertz has also worked as the senior vice president and president of Nationwide subsidiaries. Before that, he has served at FI/WH for four years and as the vice president of Bank Channel from 2004-2009.

Luther is a Broker at FINRA. Brokers are people who work for large brokerage institutions. The institutions are in the venture of selling and buying securities such as bonds, stocks, mutual funds and investments related products.

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