Could Animals Be the Key to Helping Autistic Individuals?

Children with autism are often difficult to deal with for parents and teachers, but the children themselves live troubled lives that put them at risk for other diseases and disorders as well. Autistic kids sometimes get bullied at school, and they may experience depression in their teenage and adult years. Furthermore from what Tabar posted to LinkedIn, it’s hard for autistic kids to gain and maintain key friendships in life because of their behavior and mannerisms. But new research has found that dogs may be able to help autistic individuals even more than other humans can.

In general, when dogs and other animals are around, people tend to get softer and kinder. Dogs are soothing for a lot of people. That’s why so many of us have dogs as pets at home and why we are constantly giggling over pictures and videos of puppies online. But science has now backed dogs where autism is concerned as well. A recent study that was published in the PLOS One Journal revealed that autistic kids aged 5 to 13 years of age became much happier and socialized more with other children and adults when dogs were around. When the pets were absent, the autistic children tended to withdraw more and were much more likely to have a fit. This research has been so compelling that many autistic individuals have decided to take companion dogs with them wherever they go.

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