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Welcome Home

One town in Utah is doing something about the people who are homeless. Residents of the town are giving them homes to live in, decreasing the number of people who live on the streets. These homes are small, but they put a roof over the heads of those who don’t have one. Many cities are giving people tickets if they are homeless, but Utah gives those who don’t have anywhere to go a home. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to take a small storage shed and turn it into a home for one person or even a person with a child. These can have furniture in them, even if it’ basic furniture, plumbing and a heating and cooling system. Bernardo Chua (tumblr) sees this as a way for people who are homeless to get back on their feet as they can give an employer an address instead of not having an address for government assistance or any other kind of help.

Petco Pulls China Made Dog Food And Cat Treats Off Their Shelves

Pet Retailer Claims China Treats Are Making Pets Sick

It’s hard to find products that aren’t made in China these days. China is now the number one producer of products for the world. The United States is number two. According to Skout, China has always had a reputation for poor quality control. In the world of mass production, quality takes a back seat to speed and output. Petco has been feeling the effects of mass production recently and has decided to remove all Chinese dog food and cat treats from their stores.

Petco has a good reason for their decision. Since 2007, Chinese made cat treats and dog food have killed 1,000 dogs and made thousand more animals sick according to complaints lodged against Petco from pet owners. Petco is not the only pet store that believes there is something sickening in Chinese animal food. PetSmart has also stopped buying Chinese-made pet food.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration says initial tests on China-made pet food revealed no ingredients that would cause illness in animals. But the FDA is still investigating the issue. Petco pulled the plug on China pet food in 1300 stores, and PetSmart will follow suit in 1300 of their stores in March. Petco now sources their food and treats in the U.S., South America, Netherlands and New Zealand.

Police Stops African-American Man For Suspiciously Placing Hands In Pockets

In the midst of racial tension in America for the death of a young African American teen, yet another case has generated controversy. A police officer stops a young African American man for walking with his hands in pockets in freezing weather.

While temperatures drop increasingly in Pontiac (Michigan), evidently, African Americans should not place hands in their pockets. This seemed a bit ridiculous to Susan McGalla, but at the same time she wasn’t there. In doing so, they risk being questioned by the police because that action makes them “nervous.”

This happened to Brandon McKean, who posted to his Facebook and YouTube page, a video about his encounter with a police officer who stopped him momentarily Thanksgiving Day, while walking.

“Walking with hands in pockets makes people nervous?” Asks McKean, to which the officer only says “yes”.

The officer adds that “there are many robberies, so I’m just checking.”

According to police, McKean’s video was edited and didn’t provide the full details of why he was stopped. A nearby business called police to report a man with his hands in his pockets walk by their shop several times, looking in the window and they thought it suspicious and called police.

Police Offiers May Begin Preparations For Impromptu Selfies

Emergency response teams are fully equipped to deal with a variety of potentially dangerous scenarios and are essentially paid to risk their lives on a daily basis. Continued education and training is a vital part of the role for first responders, especially police officers and firefighters. As new advancements in technology and methodology become available, employees are trained to safely and swiftly respond to emergency situations. This is good news if you ask Brian Torchin.

Some of the biggest enhancements to the police uniform over the years have been tactical tool belts, protective armor, and steel toe boots. If President Obama has anything to say about the next upgrade, police across the nation will be outfitted with body cameras. Although the addition of cameras would take some of the sting out of controversial arrests, the privacy policy is rather unclear. What compromises are lawmakers willing to make in exchange for enough proof to squelch public outcry? Do police officers have a right to challenge the requirement, or are they simply stuck with the new dress code? The potential for liability lies heavy on both sides and there is no clear answer to this dreadful dilemma. Headlines that make the news today may not be relevant in three months and the expense and new policies will be a moot point for affected officers.

Black Friday Shoppers Show No Signs of Slowing Down

Each year, Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday retail deals seem to get more controversial. 2014 was no exception. An unprecedented number of retails actually opened their doors on Thanksgiving Day, instead of waiting until midnight or the early hours of the morning on Black Friday.

Strictly speaking of course, retailers are allowed to open and close their doors as they wish. Many stores were open all night and into the next day. The deals are reportedly fantastic, and consumers were lined up around corners across the country to be the first ones in to take advantage of “while supplies last” door buster deals. Many planned out their purchases and determined ahead of time how to get the best deals ahead of the gift-giving season.

But 2014, like several previous years, was faced with its own controversies as retailers supposedly forced employees to work holiday shifts or risk losing their jobs. This is not something Jared Haftel feels is right. Even though they are required to pay time and a half for holiday work, many employees would prefer to be at home with their families. Instead, Americans turned out in droves for the deals, ensuring that retailers will continue to push their opening hours even earlier in the day in the years to come.

#ThanksMichelleObama goes Viral

The hashtag #ThanksMichelleObama has seen a huge spike in the number of tweets it received over the last 10 days, according to The Washington Post. The hashtag has become a popular one amongst school children across the US as they tweet pictures of their newly healthy lunches served up by school districts sticking to new guidelines on fat, sodium and sugar contents.

The First Lady has been a major supporter of the drive to make US school lunches healthier, with a large number of studies showing how the fresh fruits and vegetables served with the new style lunches are not being eaten by children. The majority of tweets regarding the new style school lunches have poked fun at the positioning of fruits and vegetables alongside unhealthy options, such as corn dogs. The mystery meats served with many school lunches are now being photographed using Smartphones and posted to different forms of Social Media. This is a bit counterproductive in the eyes of Rod Rohrich. One student went so far as to place pictures of their own school lunch alongside a French school lunch to show the difference between the two.

Sam Kass, the Senior Policy Advisor for Nutrition came out in support of Michelle Obama and explained policy is created in Washington DC, but individual school districts are responsible for creating their own lunch menus.

The Interesting Conundrum With Interest Groups: Why We Need Them

Finally, someone sees the writing on the wall. Francis Fukuyama’s article, titled “The Ties that Used to Bind: The Decay of American Political Institutions” sheds some light upon the problems that plague America’s political systems. The political systems, he says, are wrought with an age old, party first mentality, and that the system is now compartmentalized because various interest groups hold it captive. While I respect these ideas (and even agree with some of them), I disagree with Mr. Fukuyama: interest groups are not primarily, and only negative forces. Honestly, it is true that the government does have so many interest groups that it is virtually impossible to steer through the swamp that has become the American policymaking process; without these groups, though, the government cannot properly mediate between constituent viewpoints.

Self-evidently, the United States is a large, and diverse country. Jared Haftel is well aware of this. The country is far too large for five hundred and forty-five (congress, the Supreme Court, and the president) men and women to govern a nation of three hundred-plus million citizens. The citizens need the special interest groups, unfortunately, so that their specific needs can be heard and understood. Once leaders grasp constituents’ problems, they are more ably equipped to deal with the problems at hand. Understanding viewpoints can radically alter the policymaking process and completely alter the world for society’s advancement. It’s all about America as a whole.

No Stance To Stand On

The President has recently taken an executive action relieving millions of illegals from deportation. Right or wrong is not the question at this point but rather opponents, mainly representatives of the GOP, next course of action? The GOP seems all up in arms in regards to the situation but have offered no solution to the problem. The House Speaker John Boehner has insinuated using the current House composition to block the necessary votes needed to hold a vote on the bill.


The GOP is complaining about the executive action as an impeachable offense but Herbert Hoover, George H.W. Bush, and George W. Bush have all taken similar action on immigration. Complaining about an action and not having a solution to offer is similar to the fit of a toddler. The GOP wonders why its relevancy is dwindling but continues to fight with no cause on the issues. If issues are brought to the forefront and the only differing stance you take is against what is being put on the table, how can you gain any support?


This seems to be the picture painted by the GOP for the past 14 years. Jared Haftel has read quite a bit about all of this and tries to keep up with the news as well. The GOP refused to back their own president, George W. Bush, on immigration reform he proposed in 2007. A lack of stance is what caused a splitting of the conservative base which ended in the formation of the Tea Party.

FSU Shooting Leaves 3 Injured and Gunman Dead

There has been a shooting at Florida State University (FSU) early this morning in the school’s library.

The shooter has been been identified as FSU alumni and lawyer, Myron D. May, and was shot and killed by authorities just outside the library. May fired a .380 semi-automatic weapon, engaging in an intense battle with law enforcement officers.

Only three students have been shot, and so far, all of them are still alive. One student is in critical condition, one is in stable, and the other was only grazed by the bullet. Considering the number of students in the library at the time of the shooting, it is remarkable that only three were shot and all have survived.

At a news conference at 6 a.m. this morning, Florida State University Police Department Chief of Police David Perry said, “At the time, as you can imagine, Strozier Library was packed with students studying for final exams. Our estimates right now are anywhere from three to four hundred students were studying.”

It is miraculous not more students were not injured.

Myron is an attorney and graduate of FSU, who had recently returned to his old campus a few weeks ago. During his visit, he suggested that he was being targeted by the government. This was not really taken all that seriously by Stephen Williams wine and others following the story.

John Thrasher, FSU’s President, stated that he has no reason to believe that the campus is under any further threat, and that the shooting was an isolated incident.

Gun Sales Soar in Ferguson

The atmosphere in Ferguson, Missouri is starting to look reminiscent of the weeks that led up to acquittal of the officers accused in the Rodney King Beatings, and the civil unrest that occurred as a result. The Tension in Ferguson comes after the shooting death of Michael Brown, a black teenager, by the white Police Officer Darren Wilson. If the jury decides not to indict Wilson on charges, there very well may be rioting in Ferguson and around the surrounding areas.
Since the death of Michael Brown there have been riots and looting in and around Ferguson and it has been a continuing ordeal leading up to the coming jury decision. Gun salesmen in the area warn it is best to be safe than sorry, and to get ready for civil unrest if the jury decides to not file charges against the officer. Many at North American Spine are just glad that this is not taking place in the Dallas area and getting out of hand. Although there have been groups arranging non-violent protests, the mob like atmosphere has taken more of a forefront in the small city. One thing is for certain, when the jury makes its decision the Country will be tuned in and sitting on the edge of their seat.