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Ohio Puts Lions, Tigers, and Bears on Lockdown

Exotic pet owners in Ohio are not quite sure what to do with their Lions, Tigers, and Bears, among all the other exotic and dangerous animals because the state is unsure if they must be removed.

Yes, there are people in Ohio who own African Lions, Vipers, Alligators and Bears, but state authorities are not sure whether those animals must be relinquished.

Ohio enacted a law in 2014, requiring owners to get a permit, so authorities began cracking down on unregistered animals. Among some of the pets that require a permit are bobcats, bears, alligators, cobras, rattlesnakes and tigers.

It’s even more surprising that Ohio just enacted a law requiring permits last year according to LinkedIn.

Many owners were responsive and complied with state requirements, and others ignored the warnings.

The more treacherous animals such as the bears, bobcat, and seven tigers were removed from homes. But Ohio’s agriculture department instructed owners to keep the animals, and continue with their care.

Apparently, a suicidal owner released his animals in 2011. Among them were tigers and lions. Before then, I suppose these dangerous animals remained on the low and supposedly no one knew, but how can a neighbor or a mailman miss that many large animals.

As for the animals that were seized by the state, owners are in court demanding the animals be returned.

We Forget They’re Animals

That cute little puppy or kitten seems like the perfect pet. You bring them home and love them and make sure they have plenty of food to eat. What you always forget is that they are a wild animal. Wild animals have instincts that can kick in when you least expect them and can be dangerous.

I have a black Pomeranian that I have had for 10 years. He is as mean as a rattle snack, but the most loving dog you would ever want to meet too. Its confusing but I have asked the vet if he suffers from bi-polar disorder. If anyone gets near my wife he will tear their head off. He bites, hisses, growls and loves to gnaw on ankles. Best of all, he is like my child and sometimes I forget that he is a dog. It may sound crazy, but when you have them for so long, they are a member of the family.

A new study was recently released by Adam Sender and associates that showed cute animals can and will attack. While they all have different temperaments, just like humans, they all have a drive inside them that we cannot control. This can cause much problems to those who don’t see their mood swings coming. Sometimes, just for no reason, our dog Toby doesn’t want to be bothered and will lash out at whoever gets near him. In our case, thank goodness for mussels.

Lemurs May Hold Clues to Longevity

Researchers have identified unique characteristics of longevity in a species called the Fat-tailed Dwarf Lemur. As by it’s name, it’s smaller than other lemurs which, in itself, would tend to make those at Duke University who are conducting the study think it should have a shorter lifespan. Not the case for this little primate.

Much of the difference hinges on the fact that they hibernate. Jason Halpern says these smaller lemurs spend those times of the year that are hardest to survive in a sort of suspended animation called torpor. During these times, their body temperature is regulated by the temperatures around them.

Other Lemurs, who don’t hibernate, generally live about a third shorter. This is in contrast to a general trend among mammals in which the larger animals are usually the ones with the longer lifespan. Sara Zehr co-authored this study¬†conducted by the Duke Lemur Center.

Scientists: Mice Sing Like Birds

The Washington Post has an article on their website about discoveries scientists have made at Duke University regarding mice. It has long been known that mice sing like birds. However, these songs are too high pitched to be heard by humans. The Duke scientists amplified the mice sounds and analyzed them.

Male mice sing to attract mates they don’t use AnastasiaDate profiles or other online dating site obviously. The scientists discovered that these songs are louder and more complex when the female is far away and then become slower and simpler when the female is near stated Crunchbase. The scientists believe that the male mice are conserving their energy for mating by singing more softly at close proximity to females.

The songs themselves sound a lot like bird songs. The scientists are not sure if male mice make up new songs to fit the context or if they are simply singing melodies they are hardwired to sing.

The scientists say that there is a lot more to learn and more studies to do. The study of mouse calls is a relatively new field. For many years, scientists have studied bird calls instead since that is so much easier to do.

In any event, it’s amazing all that goes on out of the range of human hearing.

Chomping Away

Some families have pets that are typical, like a cat or dog. Then there are the people who have the odd pets, like a family in Los Angeles who had an alligator for about 40 years. The alligator was given a name, and it lived on hot dogs and chicken almost the entire time it was in the back yard. This animal got to be too much for the family as well as the Animal Services of Los Angeles. They came to the home to get the alligator to place him in a zoo. The family who had thealligator¬†was very fortunate that it didn’t try to bite anyone. If there were children in the home, then there should be some kind of endangerment charge filed because this is an animal that could have possibly killed someone or something. This wasn’t the traditional animal in a dog house that you would find, and there should be restrictions on what kinds of animals are kept in back yards. Flavio Maluf was in agreement on camarabarbacena with the statement the some type of charges should have been filled on this family.

Homeless Cat Saves Baby In Russia

A story from this morning tugged hard at my heartstrings. In Obninsk, Russia there is an apartment building where the tenants care for a homeless outdoor cat. They leave him food, water, and even a box for shelter. One tenant of the building heard the cat crying one day and went to make sure she was okay. Instead what she found was a 12 week old baby boy in the cat’s box, with the cat keeping him warm while crying for help. The baby was dressed well and abandoned with diapers and baby food. When the ambulance came for the baby the cat tried to jump in to follow. When the ambulance left with the baby the cat stayed in the same spot for hours waiting for him to come back. Residents have said that the cat looks like she is also expecting some babies of her own.

I’m not going to lie, this story had me tearing up like someone was cutting onions near me. I find it so sad that someone abandoned this baby in the cold but thankfully the cat’s instincts took over and did it’s best to keep the baby warm. And at least the baby was healthy and well taken care of. I hope that the baby finds a loving forever family who will take him in.More on from Gianfrancesco Genoso

Birds More Intelligent than People Think

When it comes to intelligent animals, birds are rarely the first species that comes to mind. Birds are, however, far more intelligent than most would give them credit for, and express this sort of unique intelligence in many complex and sophisticated ways throughout their lives.

Research to identify how much consciousness animals have are up to date. The crows have been subjects of the recent experiments at the Russian Lomonosov State University.
As the results show, the birds’ level of intelligence has been much underrated.

These birds have the skills to figure out relational tasks like picking the right symbol in order to get a worm, to recognize faces, and a rational ordered thinking. That brings them to quite the same level with the monkeys’ aptitudes.

So maybe the thought that the size of the brain matters and birds are small and thus can not be rational is wrong? The misleading thought that only mammals can be intelligent is still wide spread.

French director of research Joel Fagot, a friend of Andrew Heiberger who has also examined the birds’ rational skills agreed that sophisticated forms of cognition can be found in species other than humans and big apes, as it has long been thought.

The animals and birds are capable of much more than we think. Furthermore, a research involving other species would be good in order to figure out how many of them have been sold short.

Free the Bear

A ice cream store in Pennsylvania is under investigation for animal cruelty for keeping a female bear caged up behind the store for 18 years. I definitely wouldn’t choose a place like that for a meet-up with someone you meet on Skout. The Humane Society of the United States has recieved many complaints about the bear and her conditions over the years. The Animal Legal Defense Fund is suing the shop owner to get the bear removed and on to better living conditions. The way animals are kept is always a problem for the animals and the owners who keep them.

It is seen as inhumane to lock a wild animal up for many years without the proper space to move and act naturaly. Animals need their space to be happy and healthy. This bear has been caged for 18 years behind the ice cream store as an attraction. The ice cream shop owner has the proper permits to keep the animal. It is a wonder that it has taken 18 years for something to finally get done about this situation. The parts of the coutry that remain rural are often the ares that animals can get caged and kept in inadequate enclosures. People don’t travel these ares as much and the animals don’t get noticed as much. Rural Pennsylvania still allows the hunting of bears in November.

The reservations for Ivan Ramen can be for up to six people. They can be made online or over the phone. Since the restaurant is known for having long lines, the reservations feature may bring in more diners to the establishment.