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Wikipedia Marketing Increases Sales Exponentially

WYPR – 88.1 FM of Baltimore, Maryland announced, “Donald Trump’s Wikipedia page was the most edited page with 8,933 edits in 2016, second only to Deaths in 2016 with 18,230 Wikipedia edits.” Wikipedia pages generate interest in your content and send readers to your blogs and websites. You can use the pages to generate email marketing lists and sales. Wikipedia will help you close more sales and increase customer satisfaction by providing information without delay whenever the customer wants it.

Search Priority

“George W. Bush” is the most highly reviewed and edited article in the history of Wikipedia with 45,862 revisions. Recent news topics, like the Orlando nightclub shooting, are usually most frequently viewed and edited.

Wikipedia is always at the top of the list of Google search results. Your name, your business name, location, and contact information in Wikipedia will be listed at the top of each web browser’s list.

Experienced Web Designers

Experienced Wikipedia editors use best practices and guidelines to get your brand, logo, products, and services in front of millions of readers. They use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools to connect your content with your virtual enterprise network. Wikipedia is a powerful peer review website. It gives you credibility, authenticity, personal testimonials, reviews, and critiques. Your content is linked to customer, vendor, and competitors’ websites. You and your business gain a prestigious image, a web presence, while you develop your product line and reputation.

Marketing Tool

Professional Writers use statistics to support their premises. Statistics and stunning media graphics hold reader’s attention, increase their knowledge, and link them to additional related information and facts. Wikipedia editors follow guidelines and link to Google, Facebook, and Twitter. You can operate concurrent webpages and social sites to build your reputation.


Wikipedia holds a prominent position on the Internet. Your webpage pops up when the reader clicks on the broadcast banner at the top of the webpages. Social information, facts, figures, and statistics for 2016 are displayed on the side-bars of the website.

Creating Wikipedia pages is complex and difficult. Novices must begin by creating a Wikipedia page and optimize the page to rank high in the Google search engine. Wikipedia writing guidelines are available online.

How to Write Effectively on Wikipedia

Writing and editing Wikipedia articles can prove to be rather difficult for beginning Wikipedia writers and editors. Wikipedia has a different set of guidelines, because it is its own information source. Pretty much everything in life has varying rules and guidelines, as does Wikipedia. The formatting rules, procedures, guidelines, and suggestions for the world’s largest online encyclopedia – Wikipedia – can be found on the Wikipedia website. Learning to be an excellent, proper Wikipedia article writer and editor is not that hard, but it can take some time, especially for slow leaners.

One of the most important things to keep in mind for beginner Wikipedia writers and editors is to understand that Wikipedia has millions of users that come from all walks of life, from every country in the world. Translators have converted and translated thousands of articles into many different languages. It is crucial to understand that all the peoples of the world have different viewpoints – compose your article to appeal to everyone, and offend nobody.

Get Your Wiki is a online-based company that offers many different Wikipedia article and webpage editing, writing, and translation services. offers article composing and editing services. Get Your Wiki guarantees to create a Wikipedia page that fits your needs exactly – if not, Get Your Wiki will give a 100% refund immediately. Having an appealing, grammatically correct article on Wikipedia is so valuable because Wikipedia shows up near the top of most search engines on the Internet, every single time. This is great exposure for whatever article you have written.

Some people have malicious intents and want to defame articles and ruin the content in them. Get Your Wiki helps safeguard your article, is notified every time someone edits the article, and guarantees to remove any foul or incorrect content that may be edited to your article. Not many people do this, but it is possible and has happened before. In addition, provides translating services for any article on Wikipedia, in to nearly any language.

Wikipedia is meant to be concise and have 100% accurate information, so the sentences must be short and concise if one wants an appealing article. Staying away from sentences that are long is key.

Colors may look good on webpages to some people, but no text on Wikipedia should be colored. Using colored texts for graphs and pictures that need to be color coded is different, but the general rule of thumb is to stay far away from adding any color on the Wikipedia article.

Simple Tips for Making Edits to Wikipedia

Chances are you’re already familiar with Wikipedia writers for hire as one of the best sources of information on the internet. If you’ve decided to take on the project of being a contributor to its pool of knowledge, then congratulations on this rewarding task. This article will help you get started and provide some tips for starting to make some edits on Wikipedia. Once you get started, you’ll see that it really isn’t all that difficult.

Only those creating a new page need to register for an account, but for the purpose of editing existing pages, you don’t need to; unregistered users can still submit articles for review. However, there are some pages which are protected, or semi-protected, and you’ll need to be an established registered user to gain access to editing those.

Make sure to first search for the subject you’d like to write about to see if a page already exists. Also try searching to see if it’s been created under a different title. Wikipedia would be a rather confusing place if all information were spread across multiple different articles and not consolidated into one.

References are very important as readers (and reviewers) will want to know where the information is coming from. Wikipedia requires reliable published sources, such as books, newspaper articles, or established websites. Make sure you know what your sources are before making changes.

You can practice by clicking the “edit button” at the top of a page. You’ll notice a lot of formatting markup around the content, but don’t worry, it looks more confusing than it actually is. If you’re concerned you won’t be able to figure out how to properly format your own contributions, don’t worry, the toolbar is there to help you. You can click on the “Help” button in the toolbar which will show all the markup shortcuts and what they do. You can preview your changes to see how they’ll look once finished, and you can make changes as many times until it’s the way you want it.

Above the save button, there’s an input field for your editing summary. Were you editing a typo, adding links, or creating a new section? You’ll want to describe what changes you made in the summary section before saving the page.

With those tips in mind, you should be well on your way to contributing to Wikipedia, whether it’s just fixing a simple punctuation error or adding whole chunks of new content and sources. The collaborative effort is what makes Wikipedia unique.