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How Can Securus Technologies Prevent Violent Crimes?

Part of my duties on the fugitive task force is making sure we get suspects off the streets as quickly as possible. Each hour they are able to remain off the radar, innocent lives can be put in harm’s way. We have to be able to access as many resources as possible to be able to try and get ahead of these fugitives and get them into custody so they can have their day in court.


We had a very troubling suspect on our hands today, this fugitive was already in police custody and broke out of the holding cell by putting a piece of glass to the throat of the officer on duty. Once out of jail, he threatened me and my team to back off or there will be innocent blood shed. We decided that we needed to take our efforts out of the spotlight so he was not going to hurt an innocent victim.


Securus Technologies was responsible for putting a new call system that monitors inmates in the jail, and it was going to become our most valuable resource. This system does the work of several officers and will allow us to listen more intently to the chatter. We were hoping someone would talk about our suspect and lead us right to his hiding place. What we discovered far exceeded all of my teams expectations.


The first day we listened to the calls, we discovered one inmate discussing with his family how he was owed a favor for helping house the suspect. he detailed what he expected from our suspect or he would turn him in. Despite knowing we were listening, he clearly had a momentary lapse of reason and spilled his guts. That day we set up a team to swarm the location, and hours later had him.


The Future of Prison Communication

Securus Technologies is an information technology firm located within Dallas, Texas. The company offers incredible levels of support and Technology to its main customer base, which just so happens to be incarcerated individuals currently serving time for past mistakes within the United States prison system. This level of service said Securus Technologies apart from the rest of its competition, as it’s niche Focus allows it to receive a lot more customer attention from individuals that other companies would rather just ignore. In a recent press release Securus Technologies is seeking to promote its video chat software, something that has allowed it to set itself apart from the rest of the world when it comes to information technology.

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This software program is available for free on both Android and Apple devices, and as long as a Wi-Fi signal is available customers can use it to communicate with their loved ones. This video chat program makes visitation much easier than ever was before, we’re more traditional ways to see an incarcerated person in jail would be to travel a long distance, go through annoying Security checks, and place themselves in danger from other inmates within the prison itself. Now all an inmate needs to do to contact your loved one is to log on to the video chat program at Securus Technologies offers to them and they are able to talk with them using seamless streaming technology.


Based upon the reliability and quality of this technology there is no doubt that Securus Technologies through their press release and promotion of this particular software program will increase their customer base significantly. This is a great move for Securus Technologies who sees loyalty from their long term customers.