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The Core Programs at Occidental College

The liberal arts program at Occidental College has been perfected over the past 128 years to become one of the most prestigious programs. Led by President Jonathon Veitch, the College has become a community as well as an increasingly environmental friendly campus.

The Core Program of Occidental College has made it one of the top liberal arts colleges in Southern California. The Core Program is divided into three sections that enhances the liberal arts education. The design ensures a well rounded education by the time the students graduate. With the Core Program, students are required to complete two first-year writing seminars, complete courses in 3 of 6 available geographical areas,complete a 102-level language course, as well as completing a course focused on the fine arts of the pre-1800s. The Core Program also entails completing three math and science courses with the inclusion of a lab as well as passing a comprehensive exam in the student’s senior year.

At Occidental College, the academics of each individual are focused on four words: Excellence, Equity, Community, and Service. The emphasize of global knowledge make Occidental College a well rounded education that will ensure a bright future.

President Veitch’s goal of a college community has been reached through many offered local community involvement. community involvement is promoted through opportunities in Eagle Rock, Highland Park, as well as Los Angeles. Institutions such as the Urban and Environmental Policy Institute (UEPI), the Office of Community Engagement (OCE), the Center for Community Based Learning (CCBL), the Neighborhood Partnership Program (NPP), and Upward Bound, all expand the community at Occidental College.

Noted for the top academic program, Occidental College has been ranked as No. 20 on the New York Time’s list of the most economically diverse U.S. colleges and universities. The high ratings and praises of many credible sources only prove the value of the education any incoming freshman will receive when choosing this top ranked liberal arts college.