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Adopting Modernity & Fashion, the Richard Mishaan Design Way

The Richard Mishaan Design was founded in 1992 and is a world renowned leader in Interior Design. It has been in the industry for 25 years, creating new artistic designs for commercial entities, residential apartments, and the hospitality industry. Celebrity clients and international firms have benefited from the innovative and most creative hotel and local projects by the Richard Mishaan Design. The collections under his design industry include art, lighting, accessories as well as home showcasing, with a keen interest in the hospitality industry, residential sectors, and furniture collections.

Global contributions and fashion publications
The Richard Mishaan Design has been selected many times to appear on both the Elle Décor List and the AD 100. It has a broad scope of productions in not only design but also branding and marketing ventures. There are more than five successful collaborations for licensing done by Richard Mishaan, who is the principal and founder of the Richard Mishaan Designs, together with his partners.

Richard Mishaan is an architect and designer. He has published two books on design and architecture. The latest publication that he has launched is the Artfully Modern. It is his second work, which took the number one slot on the Amazon in its special category.

What stands out in the new book is the fact that it captures almost all the aspects of home life and seeks to make things better. It is a promotion that enables one to enhance everything from the powder room to the showroom. One of the favorite quotations that form the foundation of the Richard Mishaan Design is the emphasis that art is an expression of the people we are and what we would like to see.

Awards and international recognitions
The Richard Mishaan Design has received many accolades in many different occasions. AD’s Editor-in-Chief Margaret Russell celebrates the firm’s innovative productions, the talent, and the creativity. Richard Mishaan has been overly passionate about what he collects, what he does, and his designs. Richard found pleasure in having people see the world as perfectly as he would like to see it himself.

Why Bruce Bent II is A Legendary Figure in the Money Markets

Money Market funds are money market mutual funds which are an open-ended type of mutual funds, that typically invest in temporary debt securities including commercial paper and the US Treasury bills. These mutual funds are preferred because of their relative reliability and safety. They similarly provide high yields to investors. In some cases, they are used to provide liquidity to fiscal intermediaries.

Money market funds were established to limit the exposure that often arises from liquidity, credit, and market risks. In the US, they are controlled by the Securities and Exchange Commission just as it is the case with mainstream mutual funds. The Investment Company Act stipulates that money funds must mainly focus on buying the highest-rated debt whose maturity is in less than 13 months. In addition, the portfolio needs to retain a weighted average maturity of two months or less. Contrary to other financial instruments, money market funds aim at maintaining a constant value of 1 dollar per share.

Types of Money Funds

Investors can choose from a variety of money funds. The most prominent ones include prime money funds, Treasury and government money funds, tax-exempt money funds, institutional money funds, and retail money funds. To increase the diversification of these funds’ portfolios, the Securities and Exchange Commission is in the process of making the funds stronger. In the next few years, it will be mandatory for dealings to be made more transparent. Fund managers will be required to provide the SEC and investors with more information pertaining to the funds.

Bruce R. Bent II

Mr. Bent II’s is a financial guru and expert in his industry.  His father was credited with the formation of the world’s groundbreaking money market fund in 1970. Bent II grew up in the world of finance and investment. Through life experiences and his education he has become a success in his field.

Bruce Bent II went to Northeastern University where he recieved his Bachelor’s in Philosophy. After college he followed in his father’s footsteps and began working in finances. He has helped many upscale banks and financial corporations with creative and innovative finance solutions. Currently he is the Vice Chairman and President of Double Rock Corporation where he continues to enlighten the financial world.

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Honey Birdette’s Expansion in the US and UK Markets

Honey Birdette, a popular lingerie brand, recently launched an e-commerce site exclusive to the U.S. market, and plans to open 37 new stores in the UK in a span of less than two years. The new platform was launched due to increased online sales in the U.S. It is well designed and aims to give customers a better experience when shopping for lingerie. Thanks to the new site, deliveries can be made faster and orders exceeding $50 are delivered at no cost. It has also tailored the platform to the demands of the U.S. market, and has made sales returns easier. Besides the new stores it plans to open in the UK, Honey Birdette is also considering opening stores in the US in the near future.

About Honey Birdette

Honey Birdette is an Australian lingerie brand that is fast gaining popularity in various places. The brand was started in 2006 by Eloise Monaghan, and has grown tremendously over the last 11 years. It only had a store in Brisbane then, but it now has stores all over Australia and in the UK, and still plans to open more.

Honey Birdette’s e-commerce site provides shoppers with a personalized shopping experience, and offers the most exclusive lingerie items at affordable prices. It currently serves customers in the US, Europe, Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand. The brand also has a pinterest and Facebook page through which it advertises its products and tells people about ongoing promotions.


Honey Birdette is truly changing the lingerie shopping experience and striving to make its customers happy. The US e-commerce site is bound to increase the brand’s sales even more, thanks to the improved user experience and the perks it offers such as free shipping for certain orders. Its expansion in the UK will also enable more people to purchase Honey Birdette lingerie more easily, increasing the brand’s sales further.

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America Advances Patient Care

New cancer treatments are continuing to be developed on a regular basis. While this is great news since more effective treatment methods are continually being developed, it can create confusion when it comes time to decide the most effective treatment method for patients and their physicians. This is why the Cancer Treatment Centers of America has partnered with Allscripts and NantHealth to create a unique new treatment platform.

The new treatment platform is known as Clinical Pathways. It includes all of the approved treatment methods for various types of cancer. It also includes relevant clinical details like the side effects and the efficiency of the treatment method. A cost analysis is also included as well.

By incorporating all of this information into one platform, it is hoped that patients and their physicians can work more effectively together when deciding on the best treatment method. Once a treatment plan is decided on, the information is then made available to the insurance carrier. Since the relevant clinical data is included, the average approval time for insurance claims is substantially reduced resulting in an even greater patient experience.

With the deployment of Clinical Pathways, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America is changing the way physicians, patients, and insurance carriers access information. This will prove to be a great benefit for all parties involved in patient care.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a well-known network of five hospitals that specializes in the treatment of adult cancer patients. Their main office is located in Boca Raton, Florida. The five hospitals are located in Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, Phoenix, and Tulsa.

They offer a wide range of treatment options including radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and immunotherapy. In addition, they also offer a wide range of post-operative care and counseling services as well. This ensures patients are cared for before, during, and after their treatment at the hospital.

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How Avaaz Plans To Improve The World

Avaaz is a global organization that is involved in a host of important issues such as climate change, animal rights, human rights, poverty, corruption, and war. Members of Avaaz, a word which means “voice” in a number of languages, seek to change the world to make the world a better place for everyone to live in. This organization now has 44 million members that are in 194 countries around the globe and on every populated continent.
It was in January 2007 that Avaaz was first launched in the United States. The influential newspaper The Guardian has called Avaaz the planet’s most powerful online activist network as it connects people around the world with similar ideals and goals. While it did accept corporate and foundation donations initially, Avaaz has not accepted those types of donations since 2009. It also won’t accept any donation that is more than $5000. Instead, the organization has collected more than $20 million from smaller donations by individual members who operate at the grass roots level.
The campaigns that Avaaz conducts are managed by teams that work in different parts of the world. They communicate with each other through email. In order to get heard they use online public petitions, social media, email-your-politician tools, and online videos that are posted on their site and other places such as Youtube.
One of the things that separates Avaaz from other activist groups is that it is comprised of practical idealists. The Director of Avaaz, Ricken Patel, has stated that his organization doesn’t have any particular ideology, they just want to make people’s lives better throughout the world. They are a progressive group, though, and champion causes such as addressing climate change and helping refugees.

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The Overview of White Shark Media

Many people many not know that making AdWords is not an easy task. There is a lot of research and experience that is needed. However, if you do not have the ways you can market your organization on the internet, you can work with a company that is specialized with the job. White Shark Media review is a company that is working with small businesses to help them establish a media presence. It is not something easy for a firm that is starting to face the stiff competition that is in the market without looking for ways to market its products and services. Since business owners are benefiting from this organization, you can also take the advantage if you have a company that you have not marketed well on the digital platform.


Those who have worked with White Media Shark can attest that the corporation is the best for the provision of digital services and online marketing. They can come with services that are customized to fit the goals and missions of your organization. The companies that have benefited from this company say that they have seen a lot of excellent services with White Shark Media. It can track all the activities you do on the online platform and help you to come with ways in which you can improve and increase your presence. It deals with AdWords, and the experts that work for White Shark Media know the AdWords for your company since they do a lot of research.


White Shark Media is company that has had many positive reviews. It’s hard to find client that are complaining about the service that they got from the enterprise. Through the authoritative sites, you can come across customers that sat that they have had the best encounters dealing with White Shark Media. Some say that White Shark Media has given them practical solutions to the problems that they were facing while others thank the company for being there to help people with small businesses.

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Jennifer Walden Achievements as a Plastic Surgeon

Jennifer Lee Walden is a plastic surgeon, based in the US. She is also a media commentator and the founder of Walden Cosmetic Center. Jennifer has been in the plastic surgeon industry for almost a decade. She mostly focuses on cosmetic surgery. She has done several eye lifts, breast augmentation and rhinoplasties. She is performs liposuction in the abdomen, arms and inner thighs too. Individuals who want to have minimum invasive producers like soft tissue fillers and injecting Botox can also get help from her.


Ms. Jennifer Walden is among the few women who have managed to venture in to the male dominated industry. The cosmetic plastic surgery department is mostly preferred by men. In the United States, there are eight thousand certified plastic surgeons. There are less than nine hundred female members out of these surgeons.


Plastic surgery is dominated by men because of several reasons. First of all, the doctors who choose to study in the filed have to undergo five years post their medical school to become qualified surgeons. Some have to undergo two more years of fellowship to perfect their skills, and this discourages many women. For a woman, studying for so many years means that she will have children at a delayed age. The culture of the surgery is also very rough, and it has never been welcoming to women. If a woman becomes a plastic surgeon, she must always try to prove her skills to the community.


As a plastic surgeon in Texas, Jennifer is forced to compete with the male colleagues.

However, become a female surgeon has its benefits. Most of the procedures are conducted on women. These women want to make their bodies look better because they are embarrassed of a saggy part. After giving birth, the female undergoes several changes: the abdominal muscles spread because of pregnancy and the breasts change their shape because of breastfeeding. If a woman conducts the surgery, the women are sure that they will not be judged, and this gives Jennifer an upper hand.


In her career as a plastic surgeon, Jennifer has transformed the lives of many women. She is also a role model to many women who want to venture into the male dominated industries.

Alexandre Gama Advertising Executive

Born June 1,1958 in Rio de Janeiro, Alexandre Gama is a Brazillian industrialist and creative founder primarily operating in the advertising and communications industry. Alexandre Gama is the founder, CCO and CEO of Neogama, which is among one of the most highly regarded advertising agencies in Brazil.

Alexandre Gama earned his Advertising and Communications degree from Armando Alvares Penteade Foundation. His career in advertising began in 1982 when he was employed as creative copywriter at Standard Ogilvy & Mather.

From 1982 to 1996 he was employed at DM9, Almap BBDO and Young & Rubicam where he held such positions as, Creative Director & Creative Executive Director. Alexandra Gama started his own advertising agency “Neogama” in 1999. It became one of the fastest growing agency’s in Brazil.

Alexandre Gama has been nominated to be among the 7 most important entrepreneurs in Brazil’s history, and was elected Agency Director of the year in 2006 and won a Cabore’ award in 2007.

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Brown Modelling Agency | 4 Key Tips to Starting a Print Modelling

The requirements for press modelling are not as stringent as those for runway modelling. Basically anyone of any height, weight, shape or color can do it. This is because different companies are usually looking for different characters, at different times to pass different messages. Therefore, nothing should deter you from pursuing it if it is your passion. Here are some tips to help you though.

Get your Best Shot Yet

The key to getting you selected for press modelling lies in your photographs. This is not the type of photo you just take with your phone. But, something professional. Getting a professional photography is crucial in this stage. They will not only caption you and your personality excellently, rather, they will also advise you on poses that sell. Once you have that shot that you consider great, create a profile to sell yourself.

Be Persistently Patient

The press modelling business is very competitive, given the low entry barrier. Therefore, you might not get a gig immediately. You have to be persistent and patient. Keep going for those auditions, even if you are yet to be selected. The important thing is the lesson that you take with you at the end of every audition. It will better your game bringing you a step closer to being the perfect press model that someone wants.

Keep Bettering Yourself

You have to look your best at all times, just in case you get that much awaited call. So, it would do you a lot of good if you started exercising an eating right. Also, ensure that your skin is flawless always. Research for beauty products that enhance your face. Also, look for a way to keep your hair vibrant at all times.

Get an Agent

Getting an agent to handle your press modelling profession is the next best thing you can do for yourself. However, remember that not every agent can deliver. You need to look for performance. Check whether the agent you are considering working with has past clients and how well he was able to satisfy them. For starters, you can check Brown Modelling Agency, one of the leading modelling agencies in Texas.

A Look into Brown Modelling Agency

Brown Modelling Agency is a top-rated, Texas- based modelling agency. It is actually the leading modelling agency in Central Texas. The agency offers services for commercial, fashion modelling and Theatrical model.

The Brown modelling agency has managed to make itself a great reputation, working with internationally recognized brands. Therefore, you can be guaranteed of excellence if you choose to work with them. Realize your dream of becoming a print model by joining Brown Modelling Agency.

Hire the Professionals at Get Your Wiki to Increase Brand Awareness

Wikipedia has tremendous promotional potential. The online encyclopedia has proven to be far more successful than anyone imagined. The fact that the content is provided by volunteers is another surprise. For business owners and entrepreneurs, the ability to volunteer content has wonderful promotional potential. A business owner can create a page about his or her business. The page ends up being indexed by the search engines and then provides valuable resource material to the public.

Businesses always benefit from accessing the widest possible venues for promotions. Traditional online marketing and promotional strategies do have a lot of value. No one would dismiss the notion that video sharing sites, blogs, and social media profiles raise a company’s profile. No one should dismiss the idea that expanding online promotions to every single venue available is a wise plan. Creating a Wikipedia page to promote a business is another one of those enormously helpful avenues. 

The issue of contention for many is Wikipedia has very specific rules in place regarding content posted on its virtual pages. Is there really anything of contention, though? Not as long as the writer plays by the rules and producing something acceptable to the powers-that-be in charge of Wiki. As long as Wiki has to problem with the material, nothing is going to be edited, removed, or sanctioned. That leaves one result – the page exists to promote its subject matter (the business) online for years to come.

The Wikipedia page does have to present certain elements in order to truly be successful. The prose has to be interesting and engaging. While the text must be factual and not flowery, the writing should never be boring. Spiffing up the writing with impacting wording helps with such a cause.

The page must cover relevant facts about the business and has to do so in a way readers become intrigued to learn more. Learning more means traffic to the business’ website. This is why sometimes it’s best to go with the professionals and hire Wikipedia writers to do the work for you.

Get Your Wiki is a well-known Wikipedia writing service that specializes in crafting, editing, and monitoring the perfect Wikipedia page for a business. Requesting a writing job from Get Your Wiki is easy to do and the work produced by the company is sure to exceed expectations.