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Doug Levitt Shares His Experience Riding the Greyhound Bus

Doug Levitt has been riding the Greyhound Bus by choice for more than ten years. One thing that he has noted is that the majority of people who ride this type of bus are struggling. One thing that he has said is that he is surrounded by poverty, mental illness, and plenty of other issues. He has taken the time to connect with other passengers and get their story on how they would up where they are. One of the reasons behind this is because he understands that everyone is human. It does not matter what their social or financial circumstances are.

He has described his reasons for riding the Greyhound Bus to be partially art project and a mission to spread awareness about the truth of struggling Americans. One thing he wants to make clear is that all it could take is one dishonest act, or one major illness for one to lose everything and wind up having to start over. This is one of the main reasons that people take the Greyhound Bus. Fortunately, with every ending, there is a new beginning. Doug Levitt is very interested in showing the hope that the struggling have in the midst of their downfall.

Another reason that Doug Levitt rides Greyhound is that he struggles with his own hard feelings. There are times when he is beating himself up. One thing that he has realized is that when he beats himself up, connection with others resolves this issue. For one thing, they have stories that he can relate to and this helps him gain perspective on things. One thing that he does with Greyhound Diaries is inspire. He not only writes about the stories that he has listened to, but he also converts them into songs and sings them to an audience.

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Wining and Dining is for everybody to enjoy

When most people think about wining and dining they think of top business people and those in the highest echelons of society looking to work and enjoy life together. In the 21st century, the chance to wine and dine is now available to all and is something that every individual should be looking to use in both their personal and professional lives. The best food options are now available in the majority of areas of the world with more and more restaurants and chefs looking to establish a presence in areas that are not traditionally filled with top food options. In the same way, the top wine merchants in the world are opening up their cellars to people looking to purchase wines in all price ranges who can take advantage of the services of companies like London‘s The Antique Wine Company.

Creating the perfect atmosphere for an event or intimate dinner is something that can be done by combining the perfect environment with top quality food and wines. A large party or event can be catered with a high number of options for food that include the chance to explore foods from around the world depending on the type of event being created. foods can be used to show creativity, intimacy or to show an opulence that is designed to impress.

Wine is often the under considered area of any event, with more and more people now looking to learn more about the drinks they serve than ever before. Not only can a professional service like The Antique Wine Company help create the perfect atmosphere, they can also assist in allowing the individual to sample different wines and choose those they feel are the best accompaniment to the food being served and the event being staged. The Antique Wine Company has not only been involved in large scale sales of wines that have broken world records since it was fou

nded in 1982, the company has also provided wines for major international events. The Antique Wine Company also offers an academy to help individuals learn more about the wines they are serving and provides sales assitance for those looking to start their own wine collection.