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Jacob Gottlieb-The Trading Artist

Do you know who Jacob Gottlieb is, what he has done, and the things he has accomplished? In truth, Jacob is a superhero, one character you may find in a comic book. Why so? Mr. Gottlieb has transformed the hedge fund market, making one of the best traders in the business.

Gottlieb, an alumnus of Brown University and the New York University Medical School has made economics his life despite his background in medicine, and that is why he has transformed many corporations and lives in the process.

The Brooklyn born and bred Jacob Gottlieb owes his life to New York City. As you are aware, New York is a city like no other. Hence, the place has inspired Jacob into aspiring to be great, something he is today. Did you know Gottlieb has either founded or helped create many of the corporations he has worked for over the years?

Jacob, in his pursuit for excellence, has helped create Visium Asset Management and Balyasny Asset Management. Indeed, it is a dream come true for Gottlieb since Mr. Jacob has always aspired to become the best financial analyst there is. Gottlieb, for instance, served Visium as its CIO since its establishment, a role he is not ready to quit soon.

Mr. Jacob, who once pursued his education at Flatbush High School, has at one point in time worked for Buyside Research, Sanford C. Bernstein & Co., and Merlin Biomed Group. In truth, Jacob Gottlieb might have deviated from his college training but that does not mean all gets lost. All the corporations Jacob has had the opportunity of working for had had something to do with medicine.

Are you aware that Jacob Gottlieb has also been doing some philanthropic work? Jacob is now a part and parcel of Robin Hood, the largest poverty-fighting organization in all of New York. The group, comprising some of the best minds in the world, has offered financial support to two hundred of the best NGOs in the region.

Robin Hood has gone a long way towards helping families meet their financial needs and at the same time get to live in decent shelters. The good news is that Jacob Gottlieb has been there to see all this through. From the look of things, we discover that Jacob is a selfless man who wants nothing short of the best for the world. Hence, he world hard to ensure all his plans fall in place.