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Virginia Teacher Shows New Boob Job to Students

A Virginia high school teacher was so pleased with her new breast augmentation surgery, that she shared before and after pictures with her students.

Newport News police began an investigation of Melissa Kidd, after they were informed a Woodside High teacher unveiled obscene photographs to high schoolers.

Three of Kidd’s students, two of them aged 18, and one was only 16, admitted to police that the teacher had showed them her nude breasts. The student’s said the nude pictures were on the teachers iPhone, and she shared them during school hours.

One student claimed Kidd displayed both genital and nude breast photos.

Police searched Kidd’s phone in April, and then in May, returned with a second warrant to extract more data. Keith Mann has learned that it’s not clear what the second warrant was seeking.

Woodside High School placed Kidd on leave without pay, but soon after, Kidd resigned. The investigation is on-going.