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Nine9: the Leading Firm in Talent Development in the Entertainment Industry

Mr. Anthony Toma is the head of the Nine9 Talent Agency, a private company that manages and represents celebrities, including models and actors, in the entertainment business. Mr. Toma is a serial entrepreneur who owns several other businesses in retail and service provision industries. Being in the entertainment industry has enabled him to work with a variety of famous and influential leaders. Mr. Toma is always willing to help upcoming celebrities who determined and ambitious.

When interviewed by IdeaMensch, Mr. Toma revealed that the idea of launching Nine9 came up when he was in the grocery business in Orlando, Florida. Upon stumbling on this entertainment business, he did not hesitate to take up the idea. He later bought a company, developed it, and named it Coral Reef Productions. Later on, this entertainment company rebranded to Nine9. Mr. Toma begins his day by exercising his parental duties, which include taking his children to school. He is a team player and brings his ideas to life through sharing them with his colleagues who then brainstorms on them. Mr. Toma is fascinated about business evolution, and he is a great listener. His favorite book is Ask Gary V. See Photos Here .

Services offered by Nine9

Nine9 The UnAgency is a business franchise that was launched in 2003 to help talented people reach their goals. This business has been operational for over a decade and has become one of the leading castings countrywide. This firm employs the latest technologies and has a team of experienced professionals knowledgeable in providing counsel, bookings, and can maintain client relationships. Nine9 offers its customers equal opportunities to secure castings from the company’s contacts database. Read More Here .

Nine9 provides commission-free services to its clients. This company believes that a client’s talent becomes a success from teamwork and investing time to it. Nine9 has operations in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Washington D.C., Detroit, New York, Huston, and Dallas. Its clients are assured of timely submissions to castings and auditions, talent benefits, and 24/7 alerts about castings. for more .