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Beneful for Our Dog’s Happy Life

If it was up to me, I would never give my dogs any other food besides Beneful. I know our furry family loves their food when they eat every bite. My dogs seem to smile while eating. Their eyes look brighter, their tails wag faster, and their teeth are cleaner. Beneful puppy is the first dog food that our pets ever ate. After picking up them up from the people that had them, we took them to their first Veterinarian visit. The Doctor looked them over and suggested a diet full of chicken and rice food such as Chopped blends Beneful. Our dogs love the soft food. After they were about 4 months old, I decided to begin mixing the Chopped food with some of the Beneful puppy dry food from Purina Store. This combination on Twitter gives our puppies the texture and flavor they desire. Our dogs are now growing older. They are 3 years of age. They continue to want to play hard and need the nutrition that Beneful dog food gives them. They now prefer the Chopped Blends with Salmon and veggies or the Beef blend. They are very active and love to run around and play. We take them to the dog park and they love it. Beneful Salmon Chopped Blend and the dry food mixture are giving our dogs a very shiny and healthy coat. They are strong and healthy. Each visit to the Vet ends with a good clean bill of health. Our dogs are happy and healthy because of their diet and exercise.