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Eric Pulier: Author, Entrepreneur

Modern day society is full of talented individuals that span across a wide number of fields whether it’s healthcare, education, entertainment, or sports. Unfortunately, many of these extraordinary people never seem to get the credit that they deserve. Unlike professional athletes or entertainers, this individuals have an actual talent that benefits mankind. Have you ever heard about a guy named Eric Pulier? More than likely you haven’t, but this individual has been a strong presence in numerous professional fields of work. Let’s take a further look why this guy is so great.

Eric Pulier is man of many talents and has worked in education, healthcare, technology, and finance/business. His natural born ability of solving issues come naturally as he can take a small idea and transform it into something that’s can be used in reality. Did you know that in the fourth grade he programmed his first computer? That’s right! By high school, Eric Pulier had already founded his first computer database company. As of today this remarkable guy has been the founder of 15 companies such a FLY, XPRISE, Service Mesh Inc, Digital Evolution, Akana Software, Desktone Inc, Media Platform Inc, and many more. Being such business minded didn’t happen by chance as Pulier attended college at the prestigious Harvard University. During this time is schedule was very busy as he participated in many different activities such as being the editor and column writer of the prominent Harvard Crimson publication. Not to add flames to the fire, Pulier also took classes at MIT also. Unlike most individuals, this guy’s ambition well ahead of his very own years and peers.

Having such a brilliant mind and a fascination with technology, Pulier has contributed in many successful events such as building the platform known as the “Bridge To The 21st Century” for Bill Clinton’s 2nd Inauguration as well as arranging a showcase that used innovative technology to connect space astronauts with NASA here on earth (via) advanced technology. As of today this proud father of four has his hands in many different businesses, but one things certain, Eric Pulier will continue to push the boundaries even further in the future.

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