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Kevin Seawright Wants To Keep Helping People Out

Kevin Seawright has spent a good amount of his time making sure that others’ needs are met, and he is being honored for doing that by Notre Dame. Kevin Seawright has worked with the company that he is employed by to make a nonprofit fund development program come to life. He has had a passion for working for those who need a bit of help for a long time, and he deserves the recognition that he is receiving for his efforts.

MarketWatch shows that Kevin Seawright worked in the public education system and various other positions before taking the job that he currently has, and the things that he saw while working in his previous jobs have given him all of the inspiration that he needed to know that helping others out was something that he wanted to do with his life. He realized that the public education system, and the community as a whole, can use a bit of help from time to time, and that is why he has worked hard to offer some help to those in need. And that is why he has said that he is more inspired than ever to keep helping people out in every way possible.