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A Close Look at Michael Terpins Career Journey

Michael Terpins started to operate a leading online marketing firm and high-tech PR in 1990. During the first internet boom, Terpins teamed up with his team to launch brands such as EarthLink, Jupiter Communications, America Online Greenhouse, and Motley Fool. Today, his brand represents a variety of consumer videogame, Web 2.0, and IT companies such as MyPublicInfo, CyberDefender, Xandros, Entropia Universe, Augmentum, and Bitgravity.

In 1994, Michael Terpin launched Internet Wire, a newswire division that secured over $25 million from top-tier investors such as Sequoia Capital and Hummer Winblad. Following a strategic investment by NASDAQ in 2003, Internet Wire rebranded to Market Wire, which was sold to CCN/Matthews in April 2006. In December 2016, CCM/Matthews was sold to OMERS Capital Partners for over $100 million. Currently, Marketwire is the world’s third largest investor/public relations newswire.

Michael Terpins’ most recent venture is Social Radius, a social marketing platform specializing in search optimization, the creation of social media content, building socially-based traffic, social media outreach, and lead generation. Its client roster includes TuneWiki, Digital Media Wire, DazzBoard, Philips,, David Lynch Foundation, Rallycast, Bombay Sapphire, Constant Philips, VeneuGen, and Red Herring.

One of Michael Terpins’ greatest successes is the launch of “Yes We Can” video in support of the Obama Campaign. During this campaign, Michael Terpins’ video garnered over 40 million views. Besides, it gained over one billion traditional media coverage including interviews on CNBC, The Today Show, CNN and other world’s leading media outlets. The video also featured on six articles in the New York Times. In 2013, Michael Terpins founded BitAngels, an angel group for cryptocurrency investment and ConAgenda, the first conference for bitcoin after discovering bitcoin and bitchain. He also teamed up with Nick Sullivan and Gil Penchina to start a bitcoin syndicate as part Gil’s Flight VC. Besides, Michael Terpins has been an investor and advisor in technology startups.

In 2015, Michael founded bCommerce Labs, a bitcoin start-up accelerator, which has recently launched its first ICO and Cryptomarket Company. In 2017, Michael left for Aphabit Fund, a global digital currency fund as a special advisor before joining CMO as the head of ICO investment committee.

Fantasy Football Ranking of Football Players

Martavis Bryant is a wider receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers. The year of 2016 was intended to be the golden year for Martavis Bryant. Bryant`s stats include as a rookie he had a catch rate of 58%, the targets of 56%, 70 receptions as 1,000 yards. The fantasy football rankings will include the Quarter back rankings, Running Back, Wide Receiver, Tight end, Kicker, and Defense ranking. The fantasy football rankings can be categorized in the top 200 rankings. For those fantasy football rankings to accessed one must have an Ultimate Draft Kit. The fantasy football rankings can be viewed on the fantasy football website.


Levenson the Philanthropist

Bruce Levenson serves as evidence that the American Dream cannot only be obtained for oneself, but its benefits can be shared with others. Levenson has successfully built several businesses in various fields from business to sports and cooking technology to communication. In fact, as co-founder of United Communications Group back in the late 1970’s Levenson built the company into one which guides companies to solutions for their work in numerous business sectors such as government contracting, energy, healthcare, software, banking, technology, and defense. His financial success has allowed him to take on numerous other endeavors such as becoming an owner of the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise, and the GasBuddy mobile app that helps drivers to find the least expensive gas stations for filling up.
Profits from his many ventures have also snowballed into donations for many causes about which he and his wife, Karen, are passionate.

The areas that the Levensons have funded include many to help disadvantaged youth and those supporting the U.S. Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. by providing the education and tools necessary for positive work to be continued by participants. In fact, there are several endeavors that did not pan out, and due to the desire for programs to not only be launched but effectively run with professional managers, the couple took their giving one step further by setting up the Center for Philanthropy and Non-Profit Management at the University of Maryland to help educate and equip non-profit leaders to effectively oversee non-profit organizations.

The Levensons hope this program will provide undergraduate and graduate coursework that focuses on philanthropy as well, including the opportunity for classes to review grant requests by non-profits on which the class then votes to decide where award money may be philanthropically given. Since 2011, this has resulted in about $40,000 worth of grants being given each year. In 2016, this program will cross into international territory when it expands to China. For the Levensons, projects, profits, and philanthropy are the key to paying it forward. More information can be found on their website.

Freddy Adu Looking for a New Club Again.

Freddy Adu is on the move again, this time after being released from Serbian club FK Jagodina. After being named the “future of American soccer” at the tender age of 14, Adu has never been settled at any club and has totally failed to live up to the hype that accompanied his signing with MLS in the spring of 2004. Dubbed the next Pele, instead of plying his trade in the youth squad of a European or South American club team, MLS thrust him on the field to great hype when he was only a teenager, playing against men who many times had been professional athletes for longer than young Adu had been alive.


The predicable fall from grace happened after Adu transferred to Europe, having moved to Portugal’s Benfica 2007. After failing to get regular playing time in Lisbon, Adu has bounced around European leagues since 2008, always seeming to chase the next opportunity when things went south at his current club. After being released from a club team that few would recognize outside of Serbia, this may be the end of the road for Adu according to some experts. He could return to the US, but his welcome has seemingly worn out in MLS by owners and fans like Keith Mann. Don’t be surprised if he ends up riding buses in the lower leagues somewhere in England or the US, a cautionary tale of youth and promise gone awry.