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Marc Sparks Spark Tank DFW

Marc Sparks is a serial entrepreneur, an American venture capitalist, and an innovative businessman. He is heavily involved in philanthropic efforts in Dallas, Texas including supporting the Samaritan Inn, a homeless shelter, and the Habitat for Humanity. He also makes his home in Dallas.

One of the latest of his imaginative business ventures is Marc USA , which has become one of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania’s most respected advertising agencies. Just this month Marc USA launched Marketing Sparks, a new innovation in advertising that is designed to give current entrepreneurs and their companies the opportunity to immediately attract and work with some of the best marketing experts in the business.

The idea of offering this innovative process to new start-ups came from Michele Fabrizi, Marc USA’s president and CEO. The idea behind it was to give the new startup entrepreneurs a leg up in attracting the best customers, employees and investors to their businesses.

The goal of Marketing Marc Sparks is to separate marketing business classes into intense three-hour lessons. The lessons Marketing Sparks will focus on in their classes will all be about company marketing communications and development ideas.

The goal of the classes will be to maximize the new company’s chances of success in the marketplace. The professionals that were recruited by Marketing Sparks to teach these skills were recruited from a large pool of experts in several key area’s: business strategy, public relations, creative arts, and digital media. These experts come from not only other businesses but also from Marc USA’s own staff.

Marc USA’s president and CEO has stated that similar programs elsewhere have already demonstrated that excellent communication and marketing efforts provided to a new company early in the business cycle greatly improves the odds of that company attracting excellent customers, employees, and investors. Learn more about Marc Sparks:

She went on further to praise the startup community in Pittsburgh. There has already been great interest in the program as one of the first new companies to get involved with us was PNC Financial Services Group Inc. headquartered in Pittsburgh. They were so impressed they even volunteered three of their marketing leads.

Another thing that every new company needs to grow is start up money. This is an area where Marc Sparks USA will focus on. More than likely, funding will come from venture capitalists who will be looking for some very specific items. Some of these items they will be looking for is do you offer a proprietary or unique service.

If you don’t have a product or service that is unique, you will find it hard or impossible to attract venture capitalists. If you have already had sales, even on a small scale, you need to use that data in your presentation. This sales data shows a potential investor proof of the demand for your product or service. Read more: @msparks5010 and Marc Sparks – Dallas, Texas, United States, Timber Creek Capital

Also, have a clear strategy of how you plan to use the money you are asking for. Here are some examples: I need the money to fulfill ordered product; I need the money to build the final production model; I need the money for more advertising. There are literally scores of valid reasons. Just have a good one. Put yourself in the investors shoes and ask yourself the question. If you did, would you say yes?