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Envoy Integrates its Platform with OneLogin to Offer a Simplified Office Admin Experience

Envoy, a leading sign-in platform for office visitors using an iPad, collaborated with OneLogin, an innovative identity management provider, to offer a simplified office admin experience to its customers. Envoy has revolutionized in the market when it replaced the existing visitor log books with automated visitor registration process. However, the need of updating of each employee and visitor multiple times in many applications have given hefty work for many IT admins. It also reduced the effect of smooth user experience. To solve the issue, Envoy integrated its platform with OneLogin to add the SCIM protocol for better user provisioning

The new user provisioning is known as the automated user on and off boarding. Interestingly, the option is currently available for Envoy Enterprise and Premium customers, and they can add the user provisioning connector of Envoy in the application catalog of OneLogin. The System for Cross-domain Identity Management or SCIM simplifies the user management and provisioning. The applications enabled with SCIM ensures synchronization of user attributes to the particular application along with accelerating application rollout. Using SCMS, the Envoy customers can provision major fields like the names of employees, email IDs, office location, and more from OneLogin directory to the Envoy platform.

Also, the system goes for automatic updating when there is a change in the user profile. This avoids the duplication of work and improves the customer experience, significantly. It also avoids the possibility of stale data and ensures updated and accurate information of employees and visitors. The employees can also create invites for visitors and receive notifications about the host, in an efficient manner. “With the integration, people who make changes in their directory would see the same reflected in Envoy as well,” acknowledged Wells Riley, the Product Head of Envoy. “This improves the office security due to employees are selected as hosts when visitors come in.”

OneLogin uses open access and identity management standards while it offers guidance and free developer toolkits to ensure hassle-free user provisioning, single sign-in, and more. Additionally, OneLogin follows a clear API documentation along with timely support to its clients. Riley confirms that these characteristics of OneLogin prompted Envoy to collaborate with it.

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