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Leading Real Estate Mogul Haidar Barbouti

A number of positive changes are occurring in the Houstong real estate market. A large percentage of those changes are due to one innovative entrepreneur. The industrious person bringing about all those positive changes is Haidar Barbouti. The successful real estate developer is based in Houston, Texas. Barbouti is the man behind all the great changes that successfully transitioned the Highland Village Shopping Center to an upscale shopping center. The Shopping Center was a fixture in the community since the 1940s. Certainly, the shopping center had seen better days. Barbouti’s innovative ideas helped to restore the shopping center to its former glory.

New Leadership
Haidar Barbouti is the property manager and broker at the Highland Village Shopping Center. The real estate professionals long history in real estate led to his creating another wonderful success story with the Highland Village Shopping Center. The operation of the shopping center was handed over to the real estate developer in 1991. Clearly, he had a vision for the center. One that might have shocked other real estate developers in the community. He realized that the center was losing customers to larger centers that housed more upscale stores. He decided to design a plan to attract larger stores to the shopping center. Attracting those larger stores led to a new wave of customers gaining interest in the shopping center. Some of the first upscale stores attracted to the center were Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn, and Williams-Sonoma.

About Haidar Barbouti
The leading real estate mogul has invested in numerous real estate investments. For example, he has invested in shopping centers, office buildings, and numerous commercial properties. He has also invested in land development and condominium conversions. The successful real estate developer strongly believes in giving back to the community too. He lends his resources and talents to numerous charities like the Highland Village Adoption center that works with placing pets in good homes.