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What You Should Expect Of White Shark Media

If you didn’t know by now, to successfully market a business you have to not only use the internet to market it, but how to help potential new customers find you. Usually when you think of marketing, you probably think of websites, social media marketing, blogs, mobile marketing, and those are all important keys to doing it. But you also have to know how to make your business visible on search engines, and how to make it appealing for your visitors so that they will purchase goods or services, or contact your business for information. That’s where White Shark Media comes in, a company that takes away the headaches you might have of trying to research and find the proper SEO keywords to make your business visible, and does it all for you, for a monthly fee of course.

Their plans comprise of plans for PPC (pay-per-click), SEO (search engine optimization), and SEM (search engine marketing). Usually the least expensive plans are starter, or small business plans that are for those who aren’t looking to set up as many ad campaigns due to tighter budgets, and platinum is the most expensive plan for those who are having a lot of success with earnings and wish to really capitalize on that success with a comprehensive plan. White Shark media is part of Google AdWords Premier SMB Partnership, a program that few other ad marketing companies have qualified for, thoroughly compliant with Google AdWords regulations.

Customers have expressed satisfaction with White Shark Media’s services overall, according to yelp, White Shark Media has been a time saver for business owners, allowing them to focus in on running their business while their marketing campaigns are being managed and tracked. Some however expressed concerns about high prices of using their services, and about being kept in the loop about things that go on with the ad campaigns. White Shark Media however has been making changes and adaptations over the years to help clients track their ad campaigns, learn what the numbers mean, and to stay on top of the game when it comes to making sales leads.

White Shark Media Improves Its Service Delivery By Acting Upon Its Customer Complaints

Every business relies upon the comments brought forward by customers to measure its position in offering services. White Shark Media has in the past had to deal with compliments and complaints. Compliments are a way of appreciating the kind of services customers have received. This shows that so far things are moving in the right direction.
However, the painful part comes when customers begin to express their discontent. White Shark Media has learned that it cannot hide its head in sand and assume things are okay. It has learnt to deal with complaints and ensure it streamlines its services by seeking to offer what customers want.
One of the complaints it has received from customers is that the old campaigns were performing better when compared to the optimized campaigns. White Shark Media manages AdWords campaigns. When customers say that their old campaigns are doing better than the new optimized ones, it may indicate that something is wrong.
It is a big criticism to the company. When the company received this kind of complaint, it had to deal with it knowing very well that it takes time even for new campaigns to begin yielding better results. However, in order to assure the client’s success, the company increased its effort of following procedures.
White Shark Media has given priority to procedures such as those involving existing campaigns. It says that it uses all the successful elements of the existing campaigns of new users. It does not reinvent the wheel with all the clients. The main aim is to ensure that the company produces better performing campaigns.
Therefore, in case of well-performing campaigns, it uses as much of those campaigns to produce same results especially in the first couple of months. It does that until the initiative it is employing is able to yield better results. The thing is— it may take more time for the results to be seen.
It has a team of experienced supervisors who oversee the campaign management and provide feedback. White Shark Media has become a leading digital marketing agency, which offers tailored solutions on online marketing to small as well as medium-sized entities.
It has been regarded as among the fastest growing agencies in the region of North American. Its cost-effective online search marketing campaigns has allowed it to grow exponentially. It strives to offer excellent customer support and experience while allowing businesses to grow and expand their online marketing strategies.

Why Work With White Shark Media?

White Shark Media is definitely one of the best marketing companies in the worldwide online advertising industry. The company has been in the industry since 2011, and they have grown over the years. I have worked with the company many times and have had them do all kinds of marketing work for me because it has been tough recently to do the work myself.

The White Shark Media team set me up with different marketing tactics and systems to help get me out there. I have found that it is hard at times to succeed in this industry without the right amount of people on your team, and considering that they have 180+ people in their worldwide team, they can help build your business and brand online.

This company has been known to provide their customers with top of the line services and programs. The company has been in this business for countless years, and they have helped numerous people attain so much growth with their brand. You will find that this business has come up with the best ways to work with their clientele in the most strongest way possible.

One of the reasons why I love working with them is because they come up with unique ideas every single day, and they handle all aspects of any type of marketing you ask of them. They also work endlessly on the latest tactics to make sure that marketing is done successfully. White Shark Media offers amazing SEO, Adwords campaigns, and all kinds of local search marketing to allow for any person trying to build their brand.

Reviews of White Shark Media

Many people will review this company  the same way I am reviewing it now. First of all, they are very easy to communicate with their team members about your projects. They handle all emails and phone calls at a very decent rate, making sure that they handle your biggest concerns and current issues. They can also do multiple marketing campaigns, and these all come in to play to help you grow.

White Shark Media is one of the rare SEO brands that has hundreds of people on their team. They utilize the latest in online marketing techniques to get their clients the marketing they deserve. Give them a call today, and you will be amazed at how they treat clients. Their team is also easy to work with on your future campaigns.

White Shark Collaborates On Your New Website

White Shark Media is a team of marketing experts that creates beautiful content for your website. Your new website must premiere to rave reviews when released to your customers, and you do not have the professional experience to create a perfect website on your own. White Shark Media creates a collaborative environment wherein you can create the website you have envisioned. Great websites do not happen overnight, and White Shark Media uses the principles in this article to give you the website you deserve.

#1: White Shark Wants To Know Your Aesthetic

Your business’ aesthetic is a large part of your website. Your website needs to look like it belongs to your company, and White Shark Media creates background and fonts that look perfect. The font on your site can be matched to the font of your logo, or the font on your website will complement the beautiful design that sits in the background. The artwork may be created just for your site, or the color schemes in the background will gently lead from one page to another. The subject of each page suggests the color that should sit in the background, and your readers will have a sensory experience that is far different from the experience they get from your competitors.

#2: White Shark Media Tests Your Writing

The writing on your website will be tested and edited by the White Shark Media team for optimization purposes. Optimization of your website is not complete until proper keywords have been placed all over your site. Readers will notice a difference in the writing style on your site, and every paragraph of every page will attract web search hits. People searching for the things your business does will find you with relative ease.

#3: White Shark Media Reports Your Progress

The progress of your website is reported to your business in regular intervals by the White Shark Media team. You will learn how your ads are performing, which pages get the most traffic and which changes were made. The finer points of the site are handled by the White Shark Media team, but you are kept in the loop on major decisions regarding the management of the site.

White Shark Media helps you create a new website that will launch brilliantly when your business opens. You need a better website for sales, and you need a better website to give customers to best first impression possible.

White Shark Listens to Their Customers

White Shark Media is a Digital Marketing Agency which offers solutions to medium sized businesses by use of their proprietary marketing tools and unique online market strategies. White Shark is recognized by Microsoft and Google as an industry leader in the field or online marketing promotion by their masterful use of AdWords Search, Display Advertising, Google Analytics and Bing Ads. The firm is global with offices in three countries and over 150 employees worldwide. Gary Garth is the CEO and a co-founder of White Shark.

White Shark listens to their clients, and when a question or complaint comes in, it reviews and takes action to improve its operations. When customers complained of losing touch with their campaigns White Shark listened, and now gives thorough explanations to its clients instead of a brief overview. Complaints came in that White Shark was lagging in client communications, and the firm solved this problem by initiating a program of monthly status calls with an SEM strategist to keep the clients informed and updated through the use of GoToMeeting software. This allows the client to view the same information that White Shark sees, and the screen sharing helps the client understand their AdWord account.

When a client asked White Shark why their new campaign wasn’t doing as well as their old campaign, the firm responded with supervisory teams for each client. An older client mentioned they didn’t like that their campaign was set up on a White Shark account, the company implemented a new system in which each client was given a new account so that new campaigns are more transparent. Tracking is easier now because White Shark created a new in-house process for conversion tracking free of charge.

Through their new partnership with Marchex, White Shark can now accurately track the client’s telephone customers.

White Shark Media is committed to the success of their clients, and they strive for effective and efficient service. White Shark is expected to double its size by the end of 2015 through partnerships and their results-driven campaigns. The firm is recognized in the industry for its engineering, cost effective and search marketing campaigns. White Shark bases its success on delivering campaigns tailored to each client and offering them a world class experience.

Source: White Shark Media Blog

The Proper Approach to Keyword Usage

Keywords are designed to reach a desired target. Without keywords, online marketing starts and stays on the wrong foot. The lower a ranking, the less likely a user will find you. This is especially true considering the average user never goes beyond the search’s first page. Worse, they usually never go beyond the first three or four sources on that first page. That, without a doubt, puts a list of reputable keywords at the top of any marketing campaign list.

White Shark Media knows keywords are not being utilized properly. Many people still rely on awkward phrasing, thinking its uniqueness attracts search engines, and keyword stuffing, believing the more times they use keywords, the higher up the list their content.

Nothing is farther from the truth. Not only does this type of approach make for clumsy reading, but search engines often dismiss the ploy. Utilizing keywords has become more about strategy and quality than pure quantity.

  • You need a primary keyword. This will let the Internet see what your content is about right off, improving the chances you connect with desired targets.
  • Place the main keyword in the page title, main headline and meta description once. This lets users and search engines find your content across the board. Use any of your other keywords, but make everything grammatically sound so that users get a snippet of what they are going to see on the landing page.
  • None of your keywords should be repeated more than two or three times. Depending upon length of content, you can use the primary keyword more. Overdoing it is going to annoy users and search engines may deduct points, pushing your content down on their lists. Use keywords in ALT text and image file names. (This usage does not count in number of times keywords are used in text).

Search engines and users have become too savvy to fall for antiquated tactics. Keyword strategy is about a design that lets the world know your message. Read text carefully and out loud. If phrasing seems awkward, it probably is. If it feels like you’re repeated keywords too often, you likely have.

White Shark Media is an aggressive leader in online market solutions. We’ve reviewed thousands of websites and seen the mismanagement of keywords everywhere we look. At White Shark Media, we like to think success is inspiring. So we educate, hoping to see everyone achieve their online goals.

Source: White Shark Blog