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OneLogin Collaborates with Envoy to Bring a More Sophisticated User Data Feature that Guarantees an Unprecedented User Experience

With more companies adopting the use of technology, some old practices like visitors’ manual sign-in will soon be obsolete. Tech firms like Envoy have come up with software that ensures the above is achieved. With just a click into an iPad, visitors’ registration process kicks off with automated steps that are easy to use. Some of the features enabled in the software include host notifications, digital NDA, as well visitors’ identification tools. This software comes as a relief to IT admins who have to conduct rigorous visitor processing procedures.

Exciting Features

Envoy has continued to improve the software with a new feature launched recently in collaboration with OneLogin. System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) otherwise known as an automated user on/offboarding is a user provisioning feature that is accessible to Premium and Enterprise category of clients. With the new element, user provisioning and handling are made easier. It allows for the automatic inclusion of important sections, such as names, location, and contact, to Envoy from OneLogin catalog. All a user needs is an Envoy user provisioning connector fixed into the OneLogin’s application directory.

What to Leverage

Envoys customers stand to leverage a lot from SCIM feature. For starters, the huge burden of application users’ management is lifted off the shoulders of IT admins. Besides simplifying the sign in process for visitors, it also ensures that they locate the employee they are visiting with ease. The latter is possible only when the employees’ information is up to date. The feature also allows employees to create invites and get alerts upon their visitors’ arrival. One notable characteristic of SCIM is that any changes made in OneLogin’s directory automatically reflect onto Envoy. Knowing this fact, visitors’ hosts selected by the software can only be genuine employees, which guarantee office security.

About OneLogin

OneLogin is a leading provider of identity management and single sign-on solutions to businesses. The firm’s capabilities in cloud/Saas application and on-premises handling sets it apart from the rest in the market. The firm works hard to ensure that their clients’ data is secured and end user experience is enhanced. Among the many accolades that the firm has received is that of a Visionary in Access Management Magic Quadrant by Gartner.

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